Expensive reading friends and all that follow and stimulate my work. The 2010 could not leave to write a dedicated article. In this article I have the objective to leave a word of incentive for you. Desire to it all success of the world! much LIGHT, PEACE and SADE! All year start is thus, remakes our perspectives and if we full of hope and optimism. We imagine and we desire innumerable things, we dream! Only that unhappyly in some cases, everything is alone in that is arrives the end of the year and nothing moved.

There it comes to the phrases ‘ ‘ I am azarado mesmo’ ‘ ‘ ‘ God does not like mim’ ‘ ‘ ‘ I do not have sorte’ ‘ and so on. In this article I want to consider it a challenge. Different one becomes its 2010. It remembers that old phrase ‘ ‘ Diferente’ tries invents makes something; ‘. Therefore it is exactly this I want to consider to it to make. Either different either there what it longs for its life goes to search, it does not wait to fall of the sky. It makes a list of that it wants to conquer in 2010, not if it forgets its life spiritual, it its work of its family.

It makes this in family, goes enumerating all the independent desires of the importance of each one. Important to place any same desire being something simple to be conquered. It leaves that all speak and of its opinions. Clearly that he will be single and to live alone only makes this. It distributes the list so that all remember the desires. It does not have shame to hang the list in visible place as for example in the refrigerator. Already in January it conquers something and it goes giving OK or scratching out of the list. If it does not forget to commemorate! During the year when to conquer something that was not in the list includes it and of the Ok of the conquest, commemorates! It folloies the list every month debates with all, at the end of the year exactly that something was without conquering pass for the next year and thus adds to the new desires successively. It can believe the list is infallible. I am certain that it will go to always have good results beyond that I eat our memory is weak and if we forget them things with the list in the end will see how many conquest had! huge quo was its year! It thinks about this, until the next article. Claude Donato Graduated Management business-oriented and Postgraduate MBA in Marketing and Management of sales.