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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Use Of Electromechanical Guillotine Shears

Introducing the Guillotine 'STD-9A. " Mechanical guillotine for cutting sheet metal and does not need air supply. In the guillotine metal cutting is done by setting the desired size of the gap between the blades and the downforce is proportional to the cutting forces depending on the thickness of the material being cut. Guillotine mechanical 'STD-9A' designed to operate in environments with earthed and three-phase network voltage 380Vt. When installing a mechanism for cutting the sheet must be securely grounded. The design of cutter has several advantages: – no eyeliner air or hydraulics. – Cutting is carried out Installation of the gap between the knives and downforce is proportional to the cutting forces depending on the thickness of the metal – the mechanism is isolated and self-moves – work on the mechanism can be implemented with assistance remote control or using the portable pedal – a reliable system of protection against injury; In one move, the blade beam is a segment of the band no longer than 2500. Cutting the sheets made with the use of rear stops, as well as markup.

Classic Electros Kamina

Do not always have the opportunity to escape to a country house and sit by the real fire, and the construction of such buildings in a city apartment rather dangerous occupation. But … You can buy heaters, which will create the same comfort in your home. Electricity consumption in electric fireplaces quite minimal, it is usually about 120-150 watts to simulate the burning and from 300 to 2000 watts to heat the room. Electric fireplaces are easy to operation, and, if desired, they can move from place to place – none of the classic fireplace will not allow you to do so. In addition, there is another point that builders often silent – in our latitudes fireplace performs rather an aesthetic function, if used as a heater, then you're likely to wake up from the cold. Even in the 19 century fireplace was used primarily as a means of ventilation.

Meanwhile, electric fireplaces and heaters can work – it all depends on how much power you select. Heaters, even the most expensive, will cost several times cheaper is not the most elegant classical fireplace. Add to this the lack of having to buy firewood and fireplace accessories – tongs, scoops and other things. The result is that electric fireplaces – is more economical and less troublesome way to get home real home. Moreover, in its execution and design of electric fireplaces today are almost on par with the classic fireplaces. Allocate electros with decorative portals, freestanding electric fireplaces and electric fireplaces, vstraevyemye into the wall. You can buy a fireplace with the effect of burning "wood" or "coal", electric heater can be used as a safe night light – in other words, the possibility of electric fireplaces today are phenomenal. Not excluded that is, the producers will learn to imitate and crackle and smell of burning wood, and then the line between classic fireplace and the heater will be erased completely.