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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Portuguese Language

That is, the citizen must be capable to use the language in varied way, to produce different effect of sensible and adjusting the text the different situations of verbal interlocution and writing, praised for the PCNs for the education of Portuguese Language, abilities only reached through the reading of the most varied texts. The new modalities of reading, writing and organization of the information had brought changes in how much intellectual the social field in such a way, some times ' ' includentes' ' , others not. They include to the measure that they promote professional, cultural the perfectioning, but they exclude in the measure where they demand of the reader knowledge, creativity and selectivity ahead of the contingent of information disponibilizadas for these nets. No longer social field more excludes that it includes, since the desprivilegiadas maiorias, that do not possess access to the technologies, are unloaded of the knowledge, perpetuating the division of the classrooms in ' ' inforicos' ' ' ' infopobres' ' , as it affirms BERGER (2007) ' ' a new division of the society is established from the moment where if it starts to speak in ' ' inforicos' ' ' ' infopobres' ' , the ones that they possess and the ones that do not possess access to informao' '. The end of the book has who subject printed matter, others, however, they bet in the partnership between digital printed matter and, but what they have been verified exactly he is that both can coexist together and provide advantages to the readers, when allies, when promoting the democratization of the access when knowing, to public good. Here it is not intended to enaltecer the virtual text in detriment of the text printed matter, but yes to excite reflections on involved the cognitivos and social processes in both modalities. In way to all the technological changes appear ' ' novos' ' sorts or ' ' assimilao' ' of the existing sorts already, as Bahktin says (1997), fact that standes out the importance each bigger time of the work and study of the literal sorts, while half to develop discursivas, cognitivas and comunicacionais abilities of the readers.

Fernando Lugo

In the summit, in addition, it can have another conflicting point and it is the reclamation from Paraguay to Brazil on the binational dam of Itaip. The government of Fernando Lugo will reaffirm before Brazil his intention to freely have his energy surplus of usina hydroelectric Itaip on the Parana river, it announced Ricardo Canese, adviser of power subjects. Lugo said Tuesday in Asuncio’n that asked for a bilateral meeting with Lula, to the margin of the Mercosur, " in order to reiterate our orders to him raised in August pasado". We know of the ballast of the asymmetries demanded by Paraguay and Uruguay, the Argentinean-Uruguayan relations congealed by a wastebasket and storm fronts between Brazil and Paraguay by the dam of Itaip As through Digital ABC comments, In the last years, the conflicts between the four partners of the block have multiplied in spite of the repeated political will for integration who express their leaders. Not even the ideological coincidences that exist today between the presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay have been enough to attenuate conflicts that, according to analysts, end up preventing integration. The Argentinean Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Brazilian Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, the Uruguayan Tabar Vzquez and the Paraguayan Fernando Lugo all underneath the umbrella of moderate left are placed that has been abierto in Suramrica during the past few years.

Aspect that president Hugo Chavez considers important and where wants to act to traverse to der a Venezuela who can contribute great collaboration to him through petroleum, very important power factor for South regindel. Nevertheless, Fernandez does not speak with Vzquez since she assumed the position, in December of the 2007, and maintains the relations with Uruguay in the freezer, due to the construction in Uruguayan ground of a wastebasket that reject the Argentineans alleging environmental risks in their territory. The discords by the wastebasket of the Finnish company Botnia crawl from 2003 and from that date they are had agravated, to the point to arrive before the Court the International from The Hague, where still the contentious one is dissolved.

Foundation Telephone

The companies of the sector of the communication have found in the professionals of profile 2,0 a way to fight the crisis and to increase to their presence ‘ online’. Experts in CATHEDRAL, ‘ community manager’ or analysts Web are the new professionals in charge to manage the image of means. The companies of the sector of the communication have found in the professionals of profile 2.0 a way to fight the crisis and to increase its presence online. The convergence of Internet and mass media is more and more evident and these new professional profiles become essential to assure these organizations the future. The communication companies are immersed in a reinvencin process where the direct relation with Internet through the social networks supposes, not only a new form of bidirectional communication, but also one helps fundamental for the positioning in the motors search and the direct operation of the content.

This way, according to a study gathered in number 87 of magazine TELOS, published by Foundation Telephone, the convergence of mass media and Internet will suppose an economic increase of 5% for 2014. At the moment the journalists are assuming these new rolls like an extension of their traditional workings in the communication company. Nevertheless, he is vital to develop a work more efficient than this type of profiles occupies specialized professionals, which as much supposes a great challenge for the formation of the students like for the professional recycling of the workers. The 2,0 profiles the necessity that have the communication companies to manage their image in social means supposes the appearance of new professional profiles related to these spaces and that in the next years will be demanded by the companies. Its objective is to maintain a direct communication with the clients and power to control the information flows that on a certain company spread through the same: Expert in CATHEDRAL (Search Engine Optimization). He is the one in charge of which the Web of company reaches the best positions in the finders, although it is a profile in constant change and is acquiring new responsibilities. Community to manager. It is the nexus of union between the clients and the companies in the social networks, being in charge to manage the image of the mark for which it works and picking up the opinions of the consumers to strengthen bows between both.

According to the last studies, he is one of the profiles that will more demand the companies in the next years. The analyst Web. Its function is to interpret the statistics that the Internet users generate (number of visits, percentage by ricochet, sources of traffic, conversations, etc.). Architect of digital information. One concentrates in designing the interaction of the user in the Web site, organizing and structuring the contents of the vestibule, the one of the expert in usabilidad Web. This one is the person in charge to guarantee that the Web responds to the objectives for which it was designed, that is to say, that navigation is easy, simple and intuitive, or in other words, that the Web satisfies needs of the user. Besides the mentioned ones, there are other profiles as they can be social average analyst, chief blogging to officer, the creative digitalis, the expert in SEM and the manager of contents, among others. Source of the news: The sector of the communication, into the hands of professionals 2.