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Monthly Archives: September 2013


(9) Spoonflower those who are immersed in the design world know that a good impression influence a good design. Why Spoonflower makes us the life we can create our own designs in fabrics to then be printed at very reasonable prices. So if you’re a lover of design with spoonflower you have found the ideal place. Spoonflower makes prints on demand offers them the possibility of making your own designs through its attractive options with prices ranging from $18 $32. 10) First Lo Ponoko you got to do is sign up and send them which is the design that you want to do together with the materials you need. Then ponoko sends you the parts for you assemblies your product and it is ready so that you can sell it.

Ponoko that offers is the possibility of transforming your 3D designs into products using a variety of materials, such as: bamboo, cardboard, leather, acrylic, felts, etc. Allows you to create toys, jewelry, furniture and electronic goods to then be sold on the site. (11) As with ponoko, shapeways Shapeways lets you upload your 3D designs and transform them into products using 3D technology. Once you finished your product you can offer on the same web page. Many users enrolled in shapeways are selling products such as jewelry, toys, electronic equipment, allowing to choose between one wide variety of products.

12) ImageKind ImageKind is a site acquired by Caffepress which specializes in prints and cards and can use a wide variety of materials, sizes and other options. For those photographers who use Flickr will be able to import their work at ImageKind to then be sold. (13) deviantART deviantART is one of the best sites that exsiten on the internet about art, with 81 million subscribers. All registrants have the chance to sell their works of art with a variety of options. In regards to printing, they are offered in different sizes and designs. 14) CafePress all those who always thought of selling products online, CafePress is an option to not pass. With over 7 million registered users, cafepress allows us to create online products, designing them to our way, sell them and printed to order. We can find all kinds of products, such as: t-shirts, posters of neck, hats, hats, mugs, buttons, bottles, etc. To give an idea on CafePress are created approximately 50. 000 products per day.

World Course

If you want to move or find a job the best you can do is to study something that you like, if you are a lover of computers we recommend the Oracle course with which you will learn the various computer applications that are used today. But if yours is the engineering, the best thing is to do a master GIS with which you enfocaras your career to another level. Master GIS for engineering professionals if you are engineer and are a little tired of the same thing, we recommend that you do the master GIS with which you will learn the necessary tools for working with geographic information systems. This course is mainly for cartographers, engineers, architects, and all those interested in break through in this profession. With the master GIS will learn all about new technologies and software such as Autocad Civil and Map 3D. Deciding to move forward in your career, you’ll see the benefits and you can position yourself in a job. Do not think more, to that are waiting for? Get a course of Oracle if you’re just graduated in computer science and don’t know how belongs your career, you can take a course in Oracle with which you will learn to build applications and use the JAVA language for use on the Internet. With Oracle course you can work in any company since with this course you will do everything you tell your boss, so you will have secured work. If you don’t have it very clear, it is best that you seek information about this course and see professional outlets. You can watch online various schools that offer this training and thus find out about materials and everything related to this course.