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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Product Computer

Simply, the product is so amazing that you have to deal with it in detail. So what is the "Imperial chronopuncture" in terms of simple consumer? It is a complex healing effects available in ancient times only such dignitaries as the Emperor of China (hence, presumably, and there is a name service) – individual effects on specific points on the human body, and in exactly calculated for each treatment time. Naturally, such a service could provide their only patient to a doctor of Chinese emperor. In this program, all procedures are carried out independently user for video instructions received through the Internet. That is, as imperial physician performs a computer connected to the Internet.

The procedures are simple and accessible to any inexperienced user. At this developers have made a special stop. An important addition to the computer program serves as a method of influence on the point. As the tool performs an ordinary hen's egg, hard boiled, which is used as a source of infrared spectrum of the right, causing the necessary control action. Somewhat unusual and, I would say, the original method of exposure on the acupuncture points, which, however, as I learned to own experience, really always achieves the desired effect. At first, I confess, I assumed that the authors have proposed a method to use an egg internally – because you can not afford an inexperienced person operate an acupuncture needle, or wormwood cigar for cauterization. Later, my assumption is completely dissipated – an egg was really a perfect tool to enable the mechanisms underlying method.

Moving On

Repressed tears can cause us so much pain fragmented and can cause us serious emotional blockages that we arrive to deep depressions or latent diseases such as heart disease. The human heart is intrinsically linked to our way of relating intimately with all life, and that includes all the creative universal source. Without this deep connection with wonderful and extraordinary creative light source we are dead; no sense life. Therefore, we close the magic door, which is that of the feelings and the natural emotions of human beings. To live in the heart must be very brave, very daring, since it has to accommodate all emotion in order to live a life of height and positive. If we do not welcome our most intimate emotions or feelings we can not discover what magic will bring life and its source. All emotions should be welcomed to our human world: rabies, pain, hatred, anger, anger, sorrow, incomprehension, melancholy, etc. All those emotions make us be who we are: a beautiful breed and only that help their own emotions and feelings to move forward and grow and expand!.

Life without sense is a life off and without sense, without mission, without purpose, without goals, without anything. Life if it is not felt, it is rescheduled from the brain, and so live reptiles your offline deep with who you are: a being of light spectacular that has come to project and share all the love that it is, that already is, you’ll be lost. Share information without love is empty nonsense. Share knowledge without love is darkness foretold. Sharing studies without love, is living under the yoke and the conditioning of others indoctrinated and obstructed. The world of our feelings is the world of universal love we are.

Feel is live in the light. Live without that light is to live in the most absolute darkness. Attends to your heart, listen to it, and if you cry, hug him!, nobody else could do it better.

House Shaped Beam

Beam home eco-friendly, practical and accessible, they are easy to install, retain heat well and are attractive in appearance. When the wooden houses were built only of timber, and the main tool in the wooden construction was ax. With the advent of "Machine Age" came to replace the log beams – beam with a rectangular cross-section. Houses made of beams more manufacturable, they have a smooth wall, it is easier to build, easier to finish: siding, blockhouse, with facing brick. The most inexpensive of them – at home from a bar of natural moisture, the most prestigious and elite – also from a bar, just glued. The main properties and indisputable log houses: 1.Nizkaya thermal conductivity.

Due to the low heat lumber home easily warmed and keep their heat. Beam house retains heat better than brick buildings, while in winter they are easily heated and long retain heat in the summer house of timber, not warm in the sun and retain the natural freshness. 2.Ekologichnost. Wood greenest building material and building a house using only natural wood. 3.Vysokaya Vapor.

Due to the high water vapor permeability, which has a wood house 'breathe', thus creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the room. 4.Ekonomichnost. Houses are available and cost-effective, due to relatively low cost material and low costs for construction work. Bruce would more accurately calculate the amount of material, thus eliminating the overpayment of excess, unused material. Prices construction of log houses, as well as the cost of lumber for the house, you can look at the project page. 5.Nadezhnost and durability. During the construction of houses of timber is used only high-quality wood, treated with special impregnation solution that protects wood from rot and insects. In addition, the beam has the lowest percentage of shrinkage – 1%, and retains original shape even after many years. Thus, the home of timber – an affordable and environmentally friendly, reliable and durable, and comfortable and attractive-looking home. House of the profiled bar of natural humidity similar properties and appearance to the houses of logs. These homes can not bind inside and outside, timber postrogan on both sides, it is desirable only resurfacing after drying and painting. In order to prevent rainwater from numb outdoor wall in the gap between the rims of a log house, the upper and lower bounds for timber have a special profile. During the construction of a wooden house shaped timber of natural moisture can not reach the same precision coupling bars, as for houses from glued beams, because after making his parts during transportation and assembly of the house, timber continues to dry, and therefore distorted. In addition, in the process of drying wood in facial surfaces of the timber may cause cracks. These disadvantages are offset by the relatively low price: the cost of the profiled bar of natural moisture content is less than the cost of a laminated board more than doubled.