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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Project Manager

But in other countries, all may not be the case. For example, five years ago, fruity flavors have been popular in America, but not in Europe. Therefore, the development of flavor for the international market for major brands hold a neutral policy, choosing a middle ground – the scent, who will take the majority. Aroma marketers reveal their favorite scents and Russia: mango, vanilla, citrus, leather, lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose, mint, basil, pine needles. We do not like sweet smells of fruit, cucumber and star anise. And finally, most importantly – all is good in moderation. Too sharp or intense smells can irritate anyone, not to mention the people who suffer from allergies.

One restaurant in America, even banned visitors to enjoy too "smelly" perfume so as not to annoy the other guests and do not distract them from the subtle smell of gourmet dishes. Lovers of rampant use of odorous accused of contempt others. There's even a special term – "Perfumes rape." So the smell must be, above all, discreet. Features of the Russian market aroma souvenirs we were asked to describe a specialist company Center Nixdorf Vladimir Afanaskina, Project Manager Business aromatization. What are the application technology of flavors for souvenirs? How long does the smell? Technologies used include: Concentrated liquid or pasty flavor. Can be applied to any "absorbing" a souvenir. For example, a pen in a gift box, a chess / backgammon / checkers. Now we are working very interesting project: paper bags for gifts, with glued flowers in organza.

Features Of The New Google Plus

The result of the new design of Google + is spectacular. Flexible and configurable interface almost at 100%, you can read the official announcement of the new Google + on its official blog.If you’re one of the more than 170 million people who have a Google account, you’re then interested continue reading. For those who do not they know well what is Google +, I’ll start doing a quick summary of Google +, because the truth is that there are still users with active account that does not use it because they simply don’t know they have it. Google + all-in-one in the last months there has been an increase of Google + users, and not necessarily by direct subscription. The update of the privacy policy of Google says that, form mandatory, all Google services are integrated into a single account. This means that Gmail, YouTube, Documents, Maps, Calendar, Blogger, Reader and of course Google +, in addition to a long list of applications have been affected. In short, all accounts that you have associated with your Gmail email, in any of the Google’s service have been unified and have received a Google account +, therefore this account is considered to be an active user of Google +.

Where other services are controlled. I don’t know if you have been clearer than before, but it is better to go for practical examples. Google + attractive and simple according to Google, this is the motto which describes the new Google +. If still you haven’t seen the video presentation, here you have it, it is not in Spanish but nor say anything that cannot be seen, in addition I will analyze it step by step: according to Google think that you’ll find it much easier to use and attractive view, but more importantly, you’re going to help accelerate our efforts to create a more beautiful and simple Google.

Successful Presentation

Ability to listen, oddly enough, is a major component of the communication process. A man who knows how to listen carefully to the interlocutor, not just passively accept what he was saying, but just as actively as speaker, the process generates a call. However, many of us do not really know how to listen! Usually, people care more about what they want to say what the words of the interlocutor. But when you are dealing with a client, he must feel that he is important to you. It is considered that in the process of selling it speaks in control. In fact all quite the opposite.

If you really listen to the speaker, you are giving very, very big impact on the communication process. Good seller in conversation with the client listens primarily to the emotions rather than facts. When in a conversation you listen to the facts, you hear only 20% of what people really wanted to tell you. When you pay attention to the emotions become apparent the remaining 80%. Unfortunately, most people do not listen to the interlocutor. They continue and keep talking.

Listen carefully to the interlocutor – employment is not easy. People think (and, therefore, perceives the information) is 12 times faster than said. Therefore, focus on what we are told, Instead of thinking about something extraneous, requires some effort. Some people were forced to assuming the role of the listener feel uncomfortable or even frightened. They feel an irresistible need to speak. If you do not can suppress this need, which means you can not control the conversation, focus on your interlocutor. Many people can not concentrate at all if in the process of communication they are not allowed to speak. They constantly distracted and therefore can neither play, nor, especially, to analyze just heard. The mere fact that you’re listening to a man, makes him feel self-respect and sincere interest. For any person to respect his personality and willingness to listen to all his problems and desires are very important. After listening to a man, you know all the motives that drive this man and already under these motifs can something to offer. It makes no sense to tell the person about how you can earn big money if he is now very sick child, or had recently stolen his favorite car in which he traveled for 20 years. Listen to him, find a common theme and talk about it. After a while your partner will ask: ‘So you want to offer me? ” or “Where to sign?” Apply this principle into practice and you will have super mlm business and many new partners!


“How to avoid common mistakes in the Internet business? Should I start to achieve powerful results. All tips and advice from my own practice! I give you 100% that you will find yourself in some situations in which I visited in person. And it is not surprising, as normal J, because you are a person who is looking for opportunities, going through different situations and barriers that are encountered on this path is not easy. My name is Gregory, I live in the south of Moldova, e-commerce – it’s my favorite thing. It is possible that you are the person who first encounters with such concepts as the Internet business, e-commerce – personally tell you that you are very lucky, reading my article. Or maybe you’re an experienced PC user familiar with the various programs, fine print – and as a result of their skills looking for a job, you can perform while sitting at a computer at home and in his spare time. To do this you go to message boards, and when you start looking for work, then you meet a very luring ads that promise to make a lot of money for a very short time. Typically, these advertisements are found, such projects as: Golden Stream, 6 gold purse, the operator typing on a PC (where you are asked to make an advance payment to start work) Various online surveys, etc. I’ll tell you one thing – delete the cart and these ads will not get caught in such traps – all this, as they say “scam”.