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Rocket fuel and NEXT AUDIENCE now together look after online advertising customers from the automotive industry and the telecommunications industry. Hamburg, 02.09.2013 – rocket fuel, the leading platform for programmatic media buying, which leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence, and serve now NEXT AUDIENCE, Hamburg-based technology provider for data-driven online marketing, online advertising customers from the automotive industry and the telecommunications industry together. In the global cooperation the NEXT AUDIENCE SinnerSchrader subsidiary performs the data-driven ad serving and acts as a data management platform (DMP). NEXT AUDIENCE collects, aggregates and joins customer-specific data from the onsite newsletter – and media use, as well as the CRM and delivers targeted dynamic advertising based on certain profile logics. Rocket fuel sits on the profile logics of NEXT AUDIENCE, it is enriched with additional data and improves the media control based on previously agreed KPIs based on additional algorithms.

Rocket fuel offers the technical platform, the media shopping optimized through real-time bidding inventory sources. We are pleased about the partnership and the future cooperation with next audience. In our two senses it, data-driven programmatic buying of the German media landscape is to bring closer and we are looking forward to more joint campaigns,”Oliver sleeve explains managing director rocket fuel Germany. This global cooperation with our 360-degree data aggregation, advertisers are can address significantly more economically relevant ranges. NEXT AUDIENCE allows to its customers to use their own CRM data, without needing to share their data for the campaign level”it, adds Torsten Ahlers, CEO of NEXT AUDIENCE. Both companies are represented in Cologne this year with a booth at the dmexco on 18 and 19 September. About rocket fuel rocket fuel offers the leading programmatic media buying platform that leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence, to improve your marketing ROI.

Rocket fuels powerful advertising that learns”technology offers the best achievable results for advertisers. The system checks daily over 28 billion ad options and selects via RTB (real-time bidding) the best for the customers partnerships with major publishers and exchanges. “Rocket fuel was 2013 as no. 4 on Forbes’ most promising companies in America” list of excellent. Rocket fuel was founded in 2008 by rocket scientists of from NASA and online advertising veteran of DoubleClick, Yahoo!, Rocket fuel employs over 452 employees in 19 offices around the world including New York, London, Paris and Hamburg. about NEXT AUDIENCE the NEXT AUDIENCE GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of SinnerSchrader AG based in Hamburg, is a technology provider specifically for online advertisers. NEXT AUDIENCE is for the next generation of data management and ad serving. The new NEXT AUDIENCE PLATFORM provides advertisers a customized technology to delivery, tracking and to the optimization of data-driven online marketing, with the advertisers control their campaigns under their own control.

J.v.G. Build New Solar-Fabrik In Estonia

Normaalne *! J.v.G. build new Solar-Fabrik in Estonia Freystadt, Upper Palatinate which next solar factory made by J.v.G. Thoma”is already on the rise of this time in Estonia, the northernmost of the Baltic State. The plant is to make 15 MW and supply modules above all the Baltic States and Russia. “First much promising talks with EPC companies mentioned, the power plants ‘ build, are mentioned.

The production of solar modules is even important for Estonia because the country wants to be independent of electricity supplies from Russia. The customer in Estonia has opted for the EVA process of J.v.G Thoma; In addition to thin-film systems, this worldwide is the most common method to manufacture PV modules. Delivered an automatic Tabber Stringer and a laminator, by upgrading for the manufacture of Hochtemparturmodulen (desert module) is used. Thus, the customer invested in a solution with development potential. Green thinking is part of life in Estonia.

Renewable energy and Ideas for a sustainable consumption here fall on good soil, finally the most lush nature are surrounded. Even if the own land only 45.227 quality dratkilometer is. A size comparison: Bavaria has an area of 70.548 km. Interesting to know: more than two decades after the end of the Soviet Union, there are big economic differences among the States. Estonia alone can boast strong host sheep data, die Welt reported. Figured out the smallest of the former Soviet countries, which used to enjoy was ridiculed! At the time, the solar project located in the Rampup phase. “Hans Thoma, Managing Director of J.v.G.: the factory is expected to produce in the third quarter of 2013 with full capacity we work at full speed.” J.v.G. Thoma GmbH J.v.G. Thoma GmbH is industry leader with regard to the construction of entire solar factories. The company is holder of numerous patents, allowing the module technology of J.v.G on the market occupied a leading position. Current developments include the so-called desert modules and high-performance, flexible CIGS modules. J.v.G. Thoma operates internationally and advises and supports clients in all phases of the construction of turnkey plants. The seat of the company is Freystadt in the Upper Palatinate.

July Mischioff

For this reason we put for example in the Dye a exclusively environmentally-friendly colors and completely waive toxic solvents. Only through good working conditions and high-quality materials can we achieve our high standard of quality, “tells Misio and looks with anticipation of the coming collections, who he and his brother already developed and designed in the spring of this year. Presentation of the new designs in the news week of October Mischioff presented in October in a news weekly the new design of the rug Collections. The event will take place from 21 to 25 October in the Zurich carpet Centre in Embrach in cooperation with other carpet companies. Visitors can look forward to some new, individual and exclusive designs of the miso brothers. In addition, numerous lectures on the subject of hand-knotted carpets are planned and round off the programme.

Already in July Mischioff has transformed completely its showroom. Now there is an interesting combination and presentation of old and new collections to admire. Of course we get in the next time a new collection, but the carpets from the earlier collections not lose allure and exclusivity. A look always and at any time. The showroom not only got a new robe, but also the site shines no later than early October in new splendour. Also here is there to discover some new for the visitors “, says Dani Misio. Mischioff for all carpet dealer has more good news: the new labels for carpets contain even more information and simplify the work with the Mischioff collections in terms of design, colour and material.

About Mischioff AG for more than 20 years produces and distributes the Mischioff AG exclusive, high-quality and hand-knotted designer rugs. The Zurich company in the third generation is now run by Dani and Sascha Misio; the brothers are also responsible for the carpet designs of the various collections. The high-quality carpets consist exclusively of pure natural materials and are manufactured in manual work under fair conditions, occupied by the fair trade Label STEP. Mischioff supplies upscale retailers and does not see himself as a retail supplier.

Services Trade Pact To Strengthen Mutual Relations

Taiwan and China service trade pact to complete the service trade pact between each side of the Taiwan Strait opened the new possibilities between the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), “from Taipei City and the Association for relations across the Taiwan Straits” from Beijing was closed, will launch a new era of bilateral exchanges, so the SEF chairman Lin join-sane on June 21. The agreement is the first signed free trade pact within the framework of cross-straits economic cooperation framework agreement (ECFA)”and of the General Agreement on trade in services (GATS)”Represent the WTO”, said Lin. We expect that this a favorable environment for bilateral investment, trade, economic liberalization and the opening up of markets.” Lin, who mentioned this at the last meeting of the SEF and ARATS in Shanghai, concluded this agreement, which is a process of 2 years, with the ARATS Chairman Chen Deming. According to Lin, he will Services trade pact to help Taiwan and China for the other side between 60 and 80 sectors are open. At the same time could be expected, that initiated a modernization in the services industry, create more jobs and business opportunities, he added.

The concession of both parties of to favorable economic and trade relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Street is represented by the respect of objective differences in the respective legal regulations, industrial development and the entire economy”, said Lin. The Pact, which is in agreement with the spirit of the WTO of a gradual trade liberalization, shows that both Taiwan and mainland China committed to an opening of its markets and paving the way for the development and promotion of niche markets through service providers,”said Lin. Lin expressed his conviction, that is this development in accordance with the method of the Blocks making”to join in regional trade pacts such as the trans am and the regional comprehensive economic partnership. According to Lin, the SEF and the ARATS is also came to an agreement, as soon as possible in the trade in goods and the tax exemption, as well as in the development of a dispute settlement mechanism to record conversations. Highest priority for both sides until the next meeting of the SEF and ARATS in Taipei at the end of the year in the fulfillment of these goals, he said. Other issues of mutual interest, so Lin, were appealing to the 18 other agreements concluded between the Strait of Taiwan, the Taiwan’s development to the point for mainland Chinese tourists and others, visit the other States, increasing the number of offices that support independent mainland Chinese tourists during the trip to Taiwan, the elaboration of a rear yaw mechanism for Taiwanese economic criminals, the protection of nationals detained in mainland China the Republic of China and the Strengthening cooperation in the area of food safety and protection of investment between each side of the Taiwan Strait. Cooperation is the key to mutual benefits and mutual trust is the key to the creation of a win-win situation for both sides,”said Lin. The overall responsibility of the SEF and ARATS is to promote peaceful and stable relations between both sides of the Taiwan Street under the consensus of 1992 and the implementation of change in the best interests of the people on each side of the Taiwan Strait.”

Award For

Agency wins German Prize for business communication under the auspices of Klaus Wowereit and under the direction of Prof. Dr. Reinhold Roski, the jury in Berlin honored eight Prize winner with the Golden sparks.” “In the category of best Public Relations” for the campaign the future of reading “for their customers Internet GmbH wins ad publica public relations GmbH. The prize was awarded for the 13th time. Hamburg, June 2013. At a festive Gala, the jury in a TEPEE at the Chancellery 2013 honored the winners of the German Award for business communication.

The Golden spark”was awarded in eight categories to companies which are characterized by excellent communication. The jurors had nominated 50 finalists in eight categories from more than 1,200 high-profile campaigns on the basis of a scientifically drawn up criteria. “” the future of reading from WINS with the campaign is ad publica “for the customers Internet GmbH in the category of best Public Relations”. Developed for the launch of the brand Communications campaign consisted of strategy development, agenda-setting, issues management, public relations, public relations and internal communications. The German Award for business communication has existed for 13 years and is an award received for targeted, effective and innovative business communication companies and agencies from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Prominent patrons of the price are Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit and Federal Minister of Economics Dr.

Philipp Rosler. Best Public Relations to the grounds it means: against the background of the growing E-book market was from Target was to create to convert this confidence and ultimately also to motivate actions through targeted PR measures a public interest for the new brand. The exclusivity strategy used, the principle of secrecy and targeted cooperation with Keymedien were sent and brought a very interesting drama in the relaunch. The interest of the was media therefore safely.” To Heiko Biesterfeldt, Managing Director of the Agency for press and public relations: We thank the jury for this award and the recognition of our work related. To win this prize encouraged us to run our campaign also remain knowledgeable and passionate”. Link to the press release: en/news-stories/ad-publica/Golden spark 2013 / about ad publica: the name says it: ad lat. Add to publica lat. publicly. Ad publica in the fields of strategy, positioning, as well as corporate and brand communications, advises as owner-managed public-relations agency in Hamburg and Cologne. For external and internal audiences, the Agency developed a performance-oriented PR measures, consistently creative strategy, challenging public relations and social media relations and corporate communications network to successful public relations. Also as an agency for change communication, Crisis PR, SEO, event communication and corporate publishing is ad publica established with its customers. MORE information and images: ad publica public relations GmbH Heiko Biesterfeldt Bush Street 12, 20354 Hamburg, Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 317 66-300 fax: + 49 (0) 40 317 66 301 mailto:

Mobile Exchange Rights – Facts For The New Purchase

Can you change a newly purchased mobile? A good Smartphone will cost between 300 and 600 euros. It has unpacked the new device and tested a little bit, it is even worse, if it finds that it does not comply with the own expectations. The reasons may be many, but the fact is that many consumers are not satisfied with your purchase for various reasons. If it is a cell phone without a contract, there is quite a conversion right. Looks like the right location. Mobile phone purchased on the Internet more and more consumers are right of withdrawal today, to buy electronics on the Internet.

The retail complains, but the real reasons are often concealed. Because in fact, the rights for consumers when buying on the Internet are simply better. Basically, you have the possibility to return ordered goods without giving any reason within 14 days on the Internet. This is the so-called right of withdrawal. This applies also for the purchase of mobile, at least for commercial sellers, not so when buying a used Cell phones by private. Of course, the cell phone in the original State should be returned. If it has signs of wear, the dealer may retain a portion of the money.

Mobile Exchange rights when purchasing in downloading a 14-day right of withdrawal exists only in the Internet! Still, many traders are now naturally accommodating and give their customers the possibility of exchange electronic devices still. But beware, this offer is optional! You can rely so. On the safe side you are, if you ask before buying into the business, how it looks with a right to Exchange. The dealer assured that you can return the device, if you don’t like it, everything is alright. Otherwise, you are dependent on the generosity of the dealer. In practice, it can actually happen that the seller is not granted the right to Exchange.

Federal Agency

Typically, the volume of such funds is EUR 10 million and more. There are safety precautions, this type of Fund by the capital of the institutional investors through monitoring of the Custodian Bank and Auditors is ensured by diversification,. Individual and flexible yield control provides advantages in addition to the personal contact between investors and fund managers. In addition, the increase or the redemption of fund units is possible at any time for the investor. Special funds are subject to the investment law, as well as the supervision of the Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin), but less regulated. The investment law stipulates that no more than 30 investors may participate in a special fund. But most of the time an investor a special fund involved.

Institutional investors have the opportunity to seek serious and transparent Fund providers and evaluate on the SCOREDEX homepage. Leasing leasing fund have the focus of its investment activities in the participation of leasing objects. This is invested in commercial, administrative buildings, aircraft, ships or containers. Leasing objects are often on business or leased by local authorities. The leasing fund is among the most transparent investment opportunities, particularly with regard to the content of the contract. Because the prospectus allows information about the agreed period of use, contract and the remainder of the leasing object to receive the investors. In addition, the amount of the lease payments often over a period of many years is firmly agreed, therefore the expected revenues almost on the euro can be calculated exactly. How each investment is out in addition to the positive advantages also disadvantages, the investor should inform about that. Therefore, SCOREDEX offers the investors with assessing seriousness to identify transparent Fund providers. Bonds – chances and risks of bond funds are a form of investment, mostly placed in fixed-income securities, the capital of the investor.

Computer Loans

Available to the citizens of United Kingdom who have very low credit scores check are computer loans no credit. Interest Council are charged comparatively high. Most of the people are not happy with their monthly earning. Whatever they earn is not enough for a decent modern life where computer are inseparable from everyday exercises. The British government, like many other governments of the world, is not performing well to in the soaring market prices.

Nor can check it the rising rate of unemployment. The result is that people, in general, have been forced to borrow from several sources. They cannot always repay the loans and one day many of them finds that their credit score has gone below 600 as per FICO. When any one of them wants to purchase a computer he does not lender find a from whom he can borrow again. The financial market has to consider for these people.

Computer loans no credit check is to benefit these people. One whose credit report is far from satisfactory can go for computer loans no credit check in secured or unsecured form. When the lenders offer computer loans no credit check they want that the loan-seekers must provide property of worth as collateral. The lenders can confiscate the mortgaged property if the borrowers do not pay back the loan amount in time. On the other hand, collateral is not asked for computer loans no credit check in unsecured form. Advantage of computer loans no credit check is that credit record of the borrowers is not checked. The borrowers, generally, apply for computer loans no credit check in unsecured form. The lenders offer to amount within the range of 100 to 1500. The repayment period for this child of loans is allowed as a period within 1 to 5 years. Interests, however, are charged at higher Council. The applicants are to qualify for no credit check computer loans. It is a must that they are citizens of the United Kingdom. The minimum age limit for eligibility is 18 years. The borrowers must be employed in any legally authorized concern and their monthly income must be at least 1000 it is therefore required that the applicants have active and valid checking account. The loan-seekers can apply online and offline. It is easier for them to apply online. The application procedure is simple and it saves time and energy. Once the applications are approved, the lenders want to transfer the loan amount just within twenty four hours. Peter Thomsan financial advisor is of no. credit check computer laptop.For more information on laptop computer with bad credit, computer for poor credit visit

Computer Hardware

Computer hardware part 4: Introduction to binary number 2 to the end of the last article may have wondered some people: why only 0 and 1 if you can represent but as of 0 .1V to 1V in 0.1 increments equal to 10 digits? Quite so easy to handle, unfortunately not is the electronics. The semiconductors in computers have the disadvantage that the voltage that arrives at the end of the line, the voltage is not linear, that is at the beginning. Simply, one can say: the lines are slow, so that the receiver can never just say, specifies what voltage the transmitter at exactly this time. Only after a while, the applied voltage is everywhere”to measure. In fact, this inertia is divided into 3 sections: first, the voltage rises slowly, then quickly, and finally slowly, until the end voltage is reached. The whole thing is of course to look at the current frequency in MHz or GHz range, because at low frequencies, this inertia not so much in the weight falls. Although it is also now possible to measure these differences and to be expected, but error must still be intercepted and corrected, which means in the worst case, that the signals have a much longer term.

You can escape this problem with the binary system. Also added a large tolerance: one operates a circuit including 3V battery, so you can set limits. A voltage of 0V to 0,8V could then for a 0 “stand while 2,2V to 3V of a 1” could match. The values in between are undefined, so that there is no common border. More or less equivalent to the “medium-sized” part, where the voltage is already changing fast. The areas in which the 0 “or 1” apply, increase the reliability of the circuit. These tolerances prevent a misinterpretation by the electronics. The more tolerant circuits, the cheaper can it be produced.

Finally, we want to get Yes affordable computer offered. For this reason all information such as pictures, videos, music, represented in the computer etc. as a sequence of zeros and ones. In the next article, an invoice between binary and decimal is performed then as an example. To do this, there are many other ways which are easier, but not so well highlight the meaning behind it. It requires only a brief search on the Internet.

Computer Financing

Computer financing at low cost, no. credit check people with bad credit often wonder how they are able to afford essentials such as computers, their children or work. This is not a problem anymore, thanks to the many companies that offer financing options on their computer. Allowing people to pay installments from the computer, they can attach a bank account to plan and pay for their computer once a month long plan. It is possible for people really bad time working to revive the credit to get a computer at the same credit payments to their computer needs.

Many people simply can not afford a computer at a time, either. By making payments, they can use their own personal computers, when they make payments. Depending on the company you use, you may have to pay in full on your computer before you get it. it is unfortunate, because some people really need a computer immediately. It is best to plan that lets you use your computer when it what instead decided to plan that gives you incentive to just going with them. It should’nt not go to plan, which will give you a good incentive, if you pay for, because you may not need a computer now! By connecting a reliable Bank, you do not own a credit to your computer. Building credit is on option, and can get access to having access to credit options based on future, if only to try a bad credit computer financing options.

Access to computer and continue with your life. Emergency saved and then the use of funds saved by something else because it can expect to purchase a fully-bang computer. Richard Kook is author of laptop computer financing bad credit. For more information about laptop computer financing, buy a laptop with no.