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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Information Society

In our country, according to Ministry of Labour, in 2004 there were 300 000 teleworkers in 2007 amounted to 590 thousand in 2008 that number jumped to 1,300,000. Such tasks are performed mainly by knowledge workers. The key is in the handling of data, which can be done both in classroom and virtual. In the list of most common jobs are: independent professionals, teachers and researchers, administrative, business and graphic design, among others. The computer equipment can range from something as basic as a notebook, a smartphone and a printer, to something more complex like a data encryption system, access to multiple video conferencing in a wireless security environment. The experience of teleworking involves a benefit for the employer and the employee.

Among the privileges granted to the worker, stands out: more time to devote to family, avoid long hours of travel, time flexibility, can be combined with domestic tasks, new employment opportunities, increasing productivity. From the standpoint of the company, in exchange for the notebook and an Internet connection, greatly reducing its infrastructure, generates a lower energy consumption, reduce internal conflicts and has the ability to expand without overheads. On the relationship between occupation and technical, Sonia Boiarov, President of the commission of Teleservices in the Information Society and Knowledge (ICT) holds that "thanks to new technology is improved use of space and time. To start a enterprise requires a minimum budget and if not successful, greater investment is the time. While in times of crisis, businesses, dismissal or wage cuts, no longer to adjust the variable costs. An analysis of Robert Half International, shows that telecommuting and flexible hours are the third incentive, passed by the bonds and extra vacation days, for staff, behind salary and benefits. Among the companies they are testing this system has YPF and Telecom Argentina.

These days, Cisco and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security launched a pilot program to promote telework as a new form of work organization. Here we see the faithful Reflecting global trends Telecommuting or working from home is a reality, the benefits are endless and if we have this trend, the technology that we have with a computer with internet connection, it reach the Internet gives us the benefits we add of a business "network marketing" we as Robert Kiyosaki with "The Perfect Business" a marketing network. Dear friend if you've never developed a marketing network, contact us and we will advise you that if you want you you start in this wonderful world of new professionals. In case you are in any network marketing we would like to know, write greetings Alberto Destefanis carefully. Register: Advisory Destefanis Alberto network marketing.

Training Center

Low Cost. . . High Margin electronic publishing costs are relatively low and the author may receive a high percentage of revenues from the sale of an eBook. In fact, if the authors choose to pay for the creation of a website to distribute your ebook, they will keep all the profits. The eBooks have a profit margin of almost 100%. This is huge.

And due to the fact that a eBooks eliminate inventory costs and shipping. You can put on sale the same eBook for years and derive an income for life. The cost of updating an eBook is minimal. In addition, to create an eBook does not require any technical knowledge. Anyone can create and market. The editors are more friendly to the authors. Authors may choose to publish your ebook with a publisher and should meet to discuss the considerations of the contract between the publisher and them.

Issues such as electronic publishing, printing rights, contract duration, advertising, sales plan, marketing and distribution are negotiated to achieve a benefit for both parties. Authors should encourage them to get involved with the creation of the eBook and ensure that the final product meets your expectations An eBook can be completed and published quickly. You can take almost two years for an accepted manuscript, is printed and can reach the bookstores with a conventional publication. The eBooks on completion are ready for sale within weeks. The same author may be selling your eBook in a very short time. EBooks can be enhanced with multimedia Create an eBook should be a fantastic experience because you can include a variety of multimedia interactive elements that enhance the reader’s experience. Within these reinforcements are multimedia animations, graphics, photos, audio, video clips, music, font sizes and interactive navigation links, all of these additional bonds rise of electronic publishing into a single class. Authors may use these elements to illustrate the text content more effectively. Variety of packaging and distribution formats. EBooks can be packaged and distributed in more than one format. They are easily duplicated in any format and can be produced depending on demand. Most eBooks do not require any packaging. Two other packaging and distribution methods that are most popular. The physical costs of packaging and distribution are close to zero. The first method is via e-mail. His eBook, is stored in computer and is forwarded to the buyer by means of an attachment to a personal email after payment has been confirmed. Your cost is only a local phone call to send the email. The second method is the electronic download your eBook from your website, which can be downloaded by anyone who has made the appropriate payment. In both methods, there is no reproduction cost eBook. Marketing and advertising There are many methods available to advertise and market your eBook. Internet has hundreds of doors open to unpublished writers. It is very easy to enter the huge global market for Internet marketing. Best of all, you will have the exclusive rights to market your eBook and people can only buy it from you.

Introduction Work

You can this book shows us a simple way of dealing with life, improve our present and build our own destiny. As the author said, is written from the heart and in accordance with the views that we find across the network, reaches the heart of readers with great force. The messages it contains are very clear and revealing. It contains topics as interesting as the power of our thoughts, our internal pharmacy, effect, nocebo and placebo, social collective hypnosis, the power of positive thinking, love as a force healer, the power of love, our healing duality, natural laws and an etc. of interesting topics that show how you can improve our health and success in life. According to the author, we are experiencing special moments, where many people feel trapped and can’t find out to their problems. Living in a collective social hypnosis where everything not what is seems, but that there is another reality more revealing, more controllable by us, more respectful of our free will, where We can choose and create our present and future, escaping from the manipulation of the environment.

It is clear that we face a work that will help many people who suffer, either by disease, by life’s problems, much needed in these times of social uncertainty. It is a perfect gift this new year of challenges and hopes. This is the introduction to the book, which will give us an idea of the depth of this great work. INTRODUCTION a baby knows very well the natural laws that govern the universe; He knows how to work, until society – through their parents – is responsible for teaching other laws, which will direct your life forever. The baby can not blame them for teaching these laws of pain, fear, suffering and uncertainty, rather than show you those that talk about love, health, success, and hope, that they are also victims of victims.