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Monthly Archives: November 2016

BBs Smartgloves

Smartgloves and smartpen provide warm hands and proper use of the touch screen is in cold winter days it not always easy to accept a call on the phone or write an email, because gloves make often impossible the operation of smartphones and tablets. To provide warm hands but also in the winter days, there are appropriate advertising materials that guarantee a problem-free use of the touch screen. The frequent use of smartphones or Tablet-PC BBs are these smart advertising increasingly in demand. Two different paths can be used with the Smartgloves and the smartpen, a touch screen to operate and maintain yet warm hands. Advertising material be used both the Smartgloves and the smartpen with an individual message as provided and ensure a sustainable advertising contact at each use.

The smartpen is a pencil, which consists of aluminium and thanks to the special tip on each touch monitor ensures a precise and correct use. The advertising message on the PIN is placed by means of engraving and is an ideal trade fair advertising through the high-quality workmanship. Of course, the pens can be used also as Samplingartikel for POS and promotional campaigns. In connection with the transmission of digital content which can be read about QR codes, the smartpen is used immediately. Who wants to use no tools, for which the Smartgloves gloves are ideal advertising media. The gloves are provided with a Werbestick and therefore provide a long-term and lasting advertising effect.

While the glove is made of acrylic fiber, are the fingertips of a special conductive material, which propagates the heat and thus allows a touch screen operation with gloves. Due to the frequent use of smartphones and Tablet-PC BBs smart advertising more and more frequently used. The enormous popularity of this promotional products ensures that these are also used as mass advertising. High-quality promotional printing as well as the engraving provide for the use of an effective advertising space. Straight for the winter, the smartpen as well as the Smartgloves are popular advertising media. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT offers also the smart promotional items in addition to the digital advertising materials. All other information about the smartpen and Smartgloves, see advertising/mobile-zubehoer.html.

UK Professor Becomes Arthritis Researcher

Do this is a news section where I like to publicize everything new about Sjogren’s syndrome that happens in all mute, more than 500 thousand people living in the United Kingdom, but at the same time awakens the interest of doctors and scientists from the disease, as it was time do not believe? Almost $ 1,000,000 charitable funds for trial clinic Birmingham in Sjogren’s syndrome grave24 of January 2011 sjogren’s syndrome does not recognize Fronterasmedicos in Birmingham United Kingdom is planning a comprehensive clinical test of a serious autoimmune disease but little-known, called Sjogren’s syndrome, which affects about half a million people in the United Kingdom. In Sjogren’s syndrome the body attacks its own tissues, especially the tear glands and salivary glands, causing dryness of the mouth and eyes, and also extreme fatigue, and the participation of other internal organs. Now Dr. Simon Bowman, a rheumatologist consultant at Selly Oak Hospital, which has a special interest in Sjogren’s syndrome, has been awarded close to $1 million in medical research charity Arthritis Research from the United Kingdom to perform a drug test which expects that it could improve treatment. Dr. Bowman, who directed a small pilot study in Sjogren’s two years ago, now recruited up to 110 patients in hospitals around the country in a clinical trial at the large scale, comparing the rituximab versus placebo in improving dryness and fatigue. Rituximab is that they already have license to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis, and works by attacking the body of B cells that cause inflammation.

Those of us with an interest in Sjogren’s have been talking about doing a trial like this for some years, so I am delighted that we are finally coming to do it, said Dr. Bowman, who will be collaborating with Arthritis Research UK Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Leeds, Paul Emery and Leeds unit of clinical trialsProfessor Costantino Pitzalis of Queen Mary, University of London, and other colleagues. There is a good basic research to suggest that rituximab is worthy of looking at, and that this is a sensible judgment do, adds Dr. Bowman. Our previous pilot study showed that patients treated with a single course of the drug showed some improvement in fatigue, and a Dutch previous study which analyzed 30 patients also had resulted in the improvement of the levels of fatigue and symptoms of dryness. If the five year trial is a success, Dr.

Bowman hopes that rituximab, Roche, manufacturers will move forward to a commercial trial in order to obtain a license from the United Kingdom. There is a relationship between the lymphoma and Sjogren’s patients with increased risk of developing lymphoma. Rituximab was approved for the first time to treat non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This article seems very interesting, so next we will be analyzing it a bit and so we learn a little more about us this disease called Sjogren’s syndrome. Farewell of your your friend Celia but not before porfa a happy day… IMPROVING YOUR QUALITY of life yet living with the syndrome of Sjogren’s if you want more information about sjogren’s syndrome visit my blogs also will find a free report the sjogren’s syndrome and 30 tips to help care for your dry mouth and dry eyes completely free.

Music Meets Social Media

With social networks together helping songs ( move a lot has set itself the goal to raise funds for important projects with targeted social media music projects. Important for everyone: the people involved in the project ranging from the musicians themselves here engaging NetWorker and companies up to the initiators of helping songs homepage “pull together together”, to support children in special need. Helping songs artists and recording studios recording songs without their own financial fees, worry free graphic design to the design of the projects, and together the songs on social networks, marketed in the big social media community – all for a good cause. The principle of helping songs is very easy: download songs on your own cell phone / PC in the own social networks about helping songs report on helping writing, how many people can be reached via Facebook, Twitter and XING thanked helping songs for it with the “Publication of the activities on the home page the first project by helping song is the song TEO TORRIATTE” Paderborner band the gap “( thegap). “Background: the scale of the tsunami disaster in Japan has the Paderborner band of the CAP” moves to record a charity song for the benefit of needy people.

The track is now available on the major download sites like iTunes and Amazon, the proceeds will go to 100% of the children’s charity save the children”donated. In the middle to the recordings of the song into the light”, the band reached the news of the severe earthquake/tsunami in Japan. The scale of the disaster moved the musician so intensively that they spontaneously decided to record a charity song. “” “David Janus:” the intro of into the light “as a tribute to Bohemian Rhapsody, we had” created. For this reason we were thematically eh landed at Queen and think had on their song Teo Torriatte “which the band released in 1976 with a Japanese chorus.

Therefore fell “” “” for us very quickly the decision, this song in favor of tsunami victims to record and proceeds to donate. “Teo Torriatte” was by the British band Queen “in 1976 on the album A day at the races” published. Written sung the song by guitarist Brian May, of Queen Frontman Freddie Mercury. The song was released as a single due to his Japanese text passages in Japan. He is only one of four Queen songs which sing the entire chorus in a language other than English. The song featured in the original piano and harmonium, played by Brian May. The gap have focused heavily on the original arrangement and worked in the template in the final choruses with a choir, which emphasizes the Community aspect against the background of the charity. The funds, which are ingested by the sale of the song should provide the Organization save the children”, children locally in Japan to the disaster in emergency ethmoid is responsible. 28 member organizations are the International Save the Children Alliance, whose Secretariat in London sits and which coordinates the work of national organisations. In 120 countries, save conducts the children projects that benefit children, families, and their communities. The focus of work are in the fields of school and education, protection against exploitation and violence, as well as health and survival. In addition, the organization helps children and their families in disaster situations.

The ‘environmental’ Song Examined Climate Change

After first radio jobs and top 10 rankings on MySpace appears now on February 26, 2010 of the charity title ‘Environmental song’ and is available from Amazon, as well as download portals. The young Berlin music label Tunesday records released an environmental song, which is to move as many people under the same title to worry about our Earth on diesemFreitag. The song is interpreted by the Berlin music project songs of Lemuria”, whose main actors Nik page (ex blind passengers) & certainly not unknown Michaela Laubach (engaged former at the Theater des Westens) more. Was deliberately on the raised index finger in the production, instead offering numerous links and notes (to save energy) on the homepage of the initiative environmental song. ( the song was created after excitation by committed environmentalists who wanted a song on the topic of climate change.

The initiative is a loose association of environmentalists and musicians who made their contribution to the topic and many People thought to make bring themselves also. Steve Wozniak is full of insight into the issues. There are in five different end mixing the catchy title (including the Klass radio edit””, a rock radio mix “and a Chamber Music Chamber mix”) of which 2 versions on the MySpace page of the project ( umweltsong) can cue in abbreviated form. “Because it is a charity project in favour of environmental associations and music singles” be sold nowadays largely via download will be donated to labelseitig75% of download sales of the song-download sales as well as 1.-euro from each CD sold on Amazon to environmental groups. If you have read about Mashable already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The sales and donations are open on the homepage of the initiative – environmental song and presented the German nature conservation ring as an umbrella. To listen since mid-January the song already on some radio stations.

This is among other things to the handset range most Berlin radio station RBB 88.8, where the environmental song is currently on number 4 of the “Hey music charts” () musik/hey_music/index.html) is located, Antenne Brandenburg, radio Saarbrucken or about Teutoradio (the transmitter supplied to over 100,000 households via cable radio program). The latter plays the environmental song in rotation even already 8 x a day according to the feedback form of the transmitter. “” Furthermore the environmental song is located for several weeks in the top 10 of the German my space songs charts, long time he stood there ranked 1For all genres “and is also now again (daily updated) on square 1 the rock or pop songs” finding, which also shows that quite a few people quite interested in the song and the theme. So many funds for the environmental groups come together and much to environmental protection can be done, the initiators, the artist, the initiative would forward environmental song and the label through numerous support. The initiators want under these aspects, that a CD of which bought (and not illegally copied) is the it among others Circumstances not doing would. Every download will help to move forward already for a few cents idea and project

Support 20 Orphans In Sri Lanka

“With support from Katharina Kuhlmann, the presenter of the eBay tuning Championship of the DSF and ehemeligen ‘ Miss Tuining”, auctioned the dry lands project e.V…. Support 20 orphans in Sri Lanka, by making the race at this auction! With support from Katharina Kuhlmann, the presenter of the eBay tuning Championship of the DSF and former Miss Tuining”, the dry lands project e.V. at this auction sold a series car, which order was styled according to all rules of art to a first-class ride. In the framework of a five-part series in the DSF, four battered cars by ambitious tuning teams were rebuilt and evaluated in three categories. Presenter of the DSF for charity eBay tuning Championship signed the presenter of the show and former Miss tuning”Katharina Kuhlmann these two show cars.

You can at this auction, the Green Honda CRX del Sol by the team Provotekk to bid and to assist with the entire proceeds from the dry lands project e.V.! > Click here for the auction:… On the initiative of our project involves a small German charity which has set itself the target after the tsunami disaster in December 2004 give a new perspective for the future of orphaned and neglected children in Sri Lanka. In a first set up our initiative, the so-called Angels home for children, have now 20 girls found a new home. The children live, learn and play in this home and this very lovingly maintained by local nurses. Initiator of the dry lands project e.V. is who has founded German Frank Lieneke, who is continuously in Marawila locally since the founding of the Organization in January 2005 and the angels home for children and rebuilt. Also he is present themselves daily in the facility and has thus close contact to the girls living there, as well as to the hired staff. In addition to additional private lessons in English and mathematics, the children in the angels have the possibility, the traditional dance of Kandy, as well as various typical home for children Hand work to learn.

Despite the German management of the initiative, we will try to maintain the Sinhalese culture of the girls and to promote. The dry lands project e.V. is funded entirely by private donations and sponsorships. Thus, for us, it is a constant battle to win the monthly funds for the financing of the angels home for children.

Austrian National Committee

Competence-legal basis for the lands of the Crown of the old monarchy until 1918 in the country was the legislation and enforcement of land Affairs and the related skills for the Archduchy of at the Enns and the choice of the Parliament and of the Landesausschusse in detail regulated. Thus the land order was the basis for the political system in the Archduchy of Austria below the Enns River until 1918 powers of the country representative of the Archduchy of Austria below the Enns was represented in State Affairs by the lower Austrian Parliament. ‘S powers belonging to the sphere of the country representative were exercised either by the Parliament or the Committee. Composition of the Landtag of lower Austria the Austrian Parliament had a differentiated composition and consisted of a total of 66 members. The Prince-Bishop of Vienna and the Bishop of St were represented in the lower Austrian Parliament. Polten; the rector magnificus of the University of Vienna and another 63 elected members. A number of 15 MEPs had to represent the estate; 28 deputies had to represent the cities defined by the election rules and market towns as well as the Chambers of Commerce and industry; The other municipalities of the Archduchy had 20 members to represent Austria below the Enns.

From the middle of this Parliament, the Emperor had to appoint a land Marshal and a Deputy. The term of Office of the Parliament was 6 years. Composition of the lower Austrian country Committee of the National Committee was chaired by the country Marshal and consisted of 6 members from the circles of the Landtag. A member was chosen for the selection class of large estates; a member of the class of voters of cities and market towns as well as the Chambers of Commerce and industry and a member of the other municipalities of the country. The three other members were elected from the middle to the Parliament meeting. The Committee also had a term of 6 years. Competences of the Landtag of lower Austria the Austrian Parliament had in order to him allocated land Affairs Land Act to pass.

In addition, he had to elect 18 members of the Privy Council from among its members. As land Affairs were 1861 specifically named in the country: the national culture; the public buildings, which were denied by country means; the charity institutions endowed from national funds; the country estimates and the accounting of the country. Moreover, within the law the detailed instructions relating to Community Affairs, Church and school affairs and the preload services, catering and quartering of the armed forces. Also of the welfare affairs assigned to the country representative or the needs of the country concerned matters. The lower Austrian National Committee got skills of the lower Austrian country Committee the ordinary management of land assets; the country funds and institutions and initiated and oversaw the officers allocated to and servants. He had on these matters, as well as the enforcement the Parliament decisions to be accountable to the Parliament and applications in land matters for the Parliament of the order of the same or of their own accord prior to advise.

The Carrier

Reinforcement is often performed by only one extended edge beam or plate surface. When unilateral surface reinforcing bars to have a useful limb armaturt sheet on the side faces, which increases the structural strength. External reinforcement can get as the whole area of the surface of the carrier, and the some of the most tense areas (that do not require protection of concrete from the corrosive environment). There are two ways to get concrete to fiberglass shells. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ali Partovi by clicking through. The first is to apply fiberglass shell on a pre-dried concrete elements by obmattvaniya their glass with a fiber impregnated with resin. After polymerization of the binder is converted into a continuous coil fiberglass shell, and the whole element – in the so-called trubobetonnuyu design. The second is based on preliminary production of a fiberglass shell and then filling it smesyu.Pervy concrete path get stekloplastarmirovannyh structures (SNA-structures) allows you to create cross-pre-compression of concrete, which greatly increases strength and reduces the deformability of the resulting element. Pre-compression of concrete creates a tension not only glass strands (although it represents the majority of prestressing), but also due to shrinkage of the binder during the polymerization, which, for example, polyester resin 5-6%.

External reinforcement can also be produced by wrapping items Glass tape. In some cases, fiberglass shell fundamentally alters the character of the state concrete. For example, the central element compressed by a rigid trubobetonnom shell uniaxial stress state is transformed into a very favorable concrete triaxial compression. The cross-section trubobetonnyh SPA-elements can be any (round, circular, rectangular, trapezoidal, T-, I-, etc.), however, under axial compression failure occurs, usually due to rupture in areas of concentration clips stresses. Consequently, the central design elements should be compressed with a smooth rounded dihedral angles. Combined reinforcement. If the external reinforcement is not enough for the perception of mechanical loads, additionally used an internal reinforcement, which can be either fiberglass or metal.