Most people have an attitude of being too observer with everything that is happening around them. Therefore spy cameras used not only to satisfy their desire to spy, but for real security purpose. Others including Toshiba, offer their opinions as well. Some people want to find her husband cheating while some want to know what you are doing the nanny while they are away. No matter the reason, nobody can deny the importance of hidden cameras spying on the lives of every person. With more and more people who are aware of where hidden cameras are placed, these are some places to place the spy device. 1 .- The roses in the bedroom – To catch a cheating spouse, the bedroom should be a place to mount a hidden camera. Even if the plants are often leafy, your husband may find it easier to detect that something is wrong in the leaves. With this, simply place the tool on the boat at the first attempt before anyone can look at the leaves.

2 .- Lounge – They say that if you want knowing the possible actions of a criminal, we must think as one. The waiting room is a place where someone will not happen to mount a hidden camera so you can put one there. 3 .- Bathroom – Any professional does not think they will reach their secrets so you can place hidden cameras in the bathroom. This will give you the opportunity to check if your sitter does not leave the child alone for long.