Summer, Sun, sand and sea if the temperatures in the height of climb, spreads holiday feeling. In Spain, the Caribbean or the local North Sea: nowhere can relax more beautiful than on the beach, where can you panoramic views of the sea and the endless horizon and relax. The online jeweler livings introduces five accessories with which to play with in a deck chair in the League trend! While woman for the look of the beach not long have to think about, what to wear, the choice of the right pieces of jewellery is not quite that simple. Extravagant and athletic they should be also varied can be combined and not posh. The earrings Benita”by DYRBERG/Kern meet all of these criteria: the sparkling Swarovski crystals reminiscent the glittering sea turquoise in different nuances of the fashionable and are an exciting eye-catcher to the casual Beach hair.

The eight-stranded bracelet made of supple leather by Yulyaffairs with delicate balls and closure from gleaming sterling silver is in simple design and intense bright teal just fun and looks great tanned skin as well as the extraordinary ring sono wood of tribal spirit with lively grained turquoise, which stands for vitality, courage and luck. The Batikschal in Crashoptik of colours accessories boasts a beautiful green and blue tones and is can be used thanks to its size: whether as stylish headdresses or loosely around the waist tied he is the perfect companion for the day at the beach. The BRMC is not only practical and stylish, but also environmentally conscious vegetarian materials such as polyurethane and recycled PET bottles”of the Canadian label matt & nat. With their numerous zippered compartments and the adjustable shoulder strap provides the Pocket Books, magazines, towel, sun milk & co. space and directs all attention in fashionable violet. The beach may be so equipped and styled! Fashion moments on the sea with jewelry and accessories of livings !