In the figure of Antoni Gaudi is important to distinguish the task of the artist (architect and designer) of the manufacturer. Additional information is available at Viacom. This would be based gardening design Gaudi, the architect and was always characterized by their total involvement in their projects, for studying and designing from architectural spaces to the doorknobs, controlling up to the smallest detail his work. Therefore, it is safer to deal directly with this design, which also must be especially on your taste, as it recurs in two of its most important houses. Fascinated by the combinations of materials, both industrial and traditional Antoni Gaudi pursues a dream naturalist, and his work manages to fuse the structure and decoration in a plastic mass alive, in a totally unique and personal style. This gardener is central to a belly like a traditional vase, which narrows towards the base and completely smooth surface on which the decoration is developed freely.

Gaudi is a constant in the harmonious combination of naturalism and abstraction of inspiration plant designs dominated by a reverse curve and typical of modernism, in compositions marked by asymmetry. . Outstanding in the top two heads of a faun, modeled with great realism, which seems to appear, appear from a dense vegetation. The fauna represents the ideal union between man and nature, a concept that always fascinated Gaudi, and was the basis of architectural design. This piece also highlights the use of glazes, applied unevenly, very expressive, seeking the unique and surprising effect of the colors of nature