God to be called that he wanted to show that He is showing us in action through the I AM, that is present and not the I was or I will. So as I said earlier is not a lifestyle choice, is the only way to take the right path. Pretend that this is a magic formula that works well and continuously only if we apply this way: living only the present instant. I tell them this is not easy understand. I’m learning it continuously as I read and read more. And of course be checking what other authors express through my own experiences and findings.

So even though you believe in this “Law”, this is not sufficient, they must understand and speak not only from an intellectual standpoint, but from the emotion itself. Moreover, understanding the law of attraction is to apply all their knowledge supported by emotion. One can begin a study based on sound concepts, but only when the emotion of our heart, however, only then we will be able to start implementing its provisions with positive results. It’s like trying to explain that word is love. We can not, until one has been in love can not know what love is. And with the law of attraction is the same. You have to learn to “woo” the law of attraction by little, without hurry, get to know first and then go outside to see their “inner” for that emotion (love) be born naturally.

And here enters also what I said in another article about applying the “stubborn perseverance.” This means you have to go with a firm step, but slow and persistent feeling that we will be born. That is why all the authors say that when you want something you must watch it and feel it and thank God or the universe as if they had received, that is living the moment, because we can not ask for something for the future when the future does not exist God will only hear the orders made in the present. Therefore the authors also expressed that when we asked God this is already accomplished, what remains is only that we are prepared to receive it. And this is achieved when we understand the law of attraction with the excitement that comes from our feelings and not reason. To learn more about the law of attraction and access a directory with the best links to books and articles dealing with the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics can enter Free From Mar del Plata, Argentina, to the whole world.