P: the person to whom she thought to come near straightened a little. This is good or bad? R: it was only being squared. When we see which we like, our body of natural form: belly inside, chest were, we tried to seem higher and we primped a little. If somebody is squared when you watch in his direction, there are good possibilities that she wishes to know him. P: Which are the signs of which a person is not interested in knowing people new? R: it is blocked. We blocked ourselves to retain people and to maintain it was, using our body or other objects to establish a border to ours around. Who interest to us they are maintained inside the circle, and the others are noticed by erected barriers to mark our territory. Andy Florance does not necessarily agree.

We block with arms, legs, shoulders and positions, with chairs and purses, placing towels of beach or tumbonas and keeping site in an act when we put the shelters or other articles in the seats. One of the poses preferred by the sexually aggressive men is to raise an arm and to support it in the wall by behind its objective, catching it against the wall and under its arm. They try to create a private space and to obtain total attention to happen to the super-seduction without interferences of anybody. result, unfortunately, it is that she succumbs before to claustrofobia and the emanations of the armpit that to the passion. P: the person who is speaking closes the eyes and she maintains them closed What happens? R: it is doing what visual interruption or blockade is called. Normally this means that she is estresada or nervous. The people close the eyes when what happens she is to him painful, and are one who make during the discussions to cut all the other stimuli and to concentrate themselves in which she is saying.