HOW TO MOVE OF ALIMENTARY HABITS With the man civilized being fed since infancy for a industrialized feeding, that possibility has to have a healthful life? Exists some way to revert the process? Fortunately, the reply he is – YES it has the desire and the determination to take this proposal until the end. But he does not wait a miracle of the night for the day. He will depend of how many years you led to intoxicar yourself. He took many years saturating the organism with come toxic poisons of tinned, packed foods, ensacadas, full of condoms, colorants, perfuming, hormones, etc. the first thing that must be made is to eliminate all these products of its diet, as well as all the drugs? including cigarette, alcohol and medicines.

As this is impossible, I know, not if he worries about this. In the measure where you will be substituting the white products for the black color, the integrals, I appeal it anger diminishing and with the time. Surprising will have left you them. The next step is to select a diet the base of products natural and seguiz it of a time for all, definitively. The exchange will be gradual, imperceptible, but vagarosamente it will go feeling the difference. The physical vigor will have a surprising improvement and the necessity to go to the doctor will diminish. If you will be one of these definitive people Either patient! He gives a possibility of its body to autocurar itself.

You started for eliminating the main causes of the illnesses. Its body will take a time to start to rejuvenescer. This will depend of how much material toxic you have to eliminate. It does not wait that this process is simple excessively. You will have good days and bad days. When the toxic poisons will be being eliminated of the body and will be being recolocados for healthful nutrients, you will go to feel what we Naturopatas call ' ' crisis of cura' '.