Smartgloves and smartpen provide warm hands and proper use of the touch screen is in cold winter days it not always easy to accept a call on the phone or write an email, because gloves make often impossible the operation of smartphones and tablets. To provide warm hands but also in the winter days, there are appropriate advertising materials that guarantee a problem-free use of the touch screen. The frequent use of smartphones or Tablet-PC BBs are these smart advertising increasingly in demand. Two different paths can be used with the Smartgloves and the smartpen, a touch screen to operate and maintain yet warm hands. Advertising material be used both the Smartgloves and the smartpen with an individual message as provided and ensure a sustainable advertising contact at each use.

The smartpen is a pencil, which consists of aluminium and thanks to the special tip on each touch monitor ensures a precise and correct use. The advertising message on the PIN is placed by means of engraving and is an ideal trade fair advertising through the high-quality workmanship. Of course, the pens can be used also as Samplingartikel for POS and promotional campaigns. In connection with the transmission of digital content which can be read about QR codes, the smartpen is used immediately. Who wants to use no tools, for which the Smartgloves gloves are ideal advertising media. The gloves are provided with a Werbestick and therefore provide a long-term and lasting advertising effect.

While the glove is made of acrylic fiber, are the fingertips of a special conductive material, which propagates the heat and thus allows a touch screen operation with gloves. Due to the frequent use of smartphones and Tablet-PC BBs smart advertising more and more frequently used. The enormous popularity of this promotional products ensures that these are also used as mass advertising. High-quality promotional printing as well as the engraving provide for the use of an effective advertising space. Straight for the winter, the smartpen as well as the Smartgloves are popular advertising media. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT offers also the smart promotional items in addition to the digital advertising materials. All other information about the smartpen and Smartgloves, see advertising/mobile-zubehoer.html.