Moreover, there was a commercial department through telephone calls to raise capital to manage according to the forecasting system. This department consisted of four people whose work could be summarized as follows: Call a company or investor – Offer to receive stock forecasts for a period of 15 days for free – call collect prints that had been accessed and the first closing – extension of the dispatch of the system whenever appropriate – Call for closure. The final closure of the operation entailed the signing of the contract account opening and transfer of capital to manage. Well, one morning I received a phone call from a colleague – a friend who held the same position I in another investment company – asking if I wanted a "good commercial." To my question why he was willing to give to such employee, he said it "could not pay what they demanded." I asked him to put the current volume and outcomes, and I agreed to have an interview with that person. Do not talk with him directly. That person did not attend the appointment.

I called my friend and I said that right after an interview appointment and speak with him had signed the settlement and had gone and not I knew nothing else. Last three weeks and without an appointment, this person presented himself at the company. I received and told me I had just returned from their holidays and what he could offer. That said, – it was like – my bias was not too good, but with the background I had, I suggested that before speaking of conditions had to prove his worth with facts.