German Norwegian presenter at number one in the 123people star scale Vienna, October 4, 2010. Charlotte Engelhardt (32) is the strongest temptation, since there are tool and was the most wanted person on in September. She was as hammer bride”with a home improvement show announced hosted pop stars in Germany, and was already naked in Playboy and FHM. The presenter, who celebrated her first successes as a weather forecaster, launching their own bath fashion collection since last year. Beautiful women were searched as the new 123people shows star scale, often in September on the Internet. The Austrian user of the german Norwegian presenter Charlotte Edwards were particularly fond. Place two and three of the star scale occupy the Austrian underwear model Nadine mortar and Cora Schumacher, wife of the former Formula 1 racing driver Ralf Schumacher.

Cora-Caroline Schumacher, known as well as Charlotte Edwards as a multi-tasker. She worked as a model and hosted for some time even the show top of the POPs”. Since 2004, Cora eifert Schumacher her husband professionally after–as a race car driver. Place four and five go in September to the daughter of the late racing legend Natscha Rindt, Jochen Rindt and Christian Beadles, the increasing popular friend of teen pop star Justin Bieber. istrator. The complete 123people is top 10 star scale to read the 123people blog, October 4, 2010.

The 123people star scale showing 123people star scale which VIPs most commonly sought by Austrian users within one month on the Personensuchmaschine Due to the large range of 123people currently she is a good snapshot of the currently most popular people in Austria with more than 1.5 million unique clients which is third largest in Austria the ranking. The 123people star scale in September 1 Charlotte Engelhardt, german Norwegian presenter of 2. Nadine MacMaster, Austrian model 3 Cora Schumacher, racing driver, model and wife of Ralf Schumacher 4. Natascha Rindt, daughter of racing driver Jochen Rindt 5 Christian beadles, Justin friend Bieber the entire 123people star scale of September is to read on blog. About 123people since February 2008, optimized people search on the Internet. With monthly over 40 million unique clients, 123people is worldwide the most popular and largest Internet Personensuchservice. is with over 1.4 million unique clients (MANOHAR June 2010) among the four largest sites of in Austria. Headquartered in Vienna each user provides an online person search, with the simple fast, free, and reliable real-time information about themselves or about other people on the Internet finds. The search results come from global as well as country-specific, available free on the Internet data sources. Currently 123people in twelve countries and nine languages is available. Since March 2010 123people part of the French PagesJaunes group. More information on 123people and downloads on press / media questions and images: i5comm for 123people Bernhard Lehner Spengergasse 37-39 1050 Vienna E-mail: Tel: + 43 664 439 86 09