Today, computer technologies create the conditions for earlier computer us, compared with their peers. This includes children and adolescents in social activities. and that the computer – is a modern instrument of labor and production. Viacom insists that this is the case. Owning them, our children via the Internet can participate in economic, cultural, political and even scientific life. Thanks to a computerized activity they have more active properties of the human-shaped figure that due to a very high level modeling, planning and control in “translating” the practical problem of the language of computer technology. All this contributes to an earlier mastery of social activities young people are actively included in a computerized activity. Altavista may help you with your research. The attractiveness of the Internet not only for adults but also children in the fact that at present it is – a unique means of communication, enabling send text (graphics, sound, video) in the form of an e-mail, by type of conventional postal shipments, forums, message boards, equipped with search engines and making it possible to organize communication in real time with several interlocutors. It is no accident for more than half of schoolchildren, when asked about their interests and hobbies to mention the Internet almost on a par with sports, nature walks and socializing with friends. Polls show the children that they know the network is often better parents and most of them comes into her own. Learn more at: neil cole candies foundation. More than half of surveyed parents sincerely believe that their child is doing this solely for homework. Would not want to disappoint the fathers and mothers, but the educational aspect for children is not always in the foreground.