Where a real estate agent can help your dream home find many people find your new dream home or their new top apartment itself and need a broker, this is an undisputed fact. On average, individuals spend however about 5 months to find the object of desire. “Considered for this particular search sources: viewing in various daily newspapers Internet portals, where apartments, houses or land offered on word of mouth, someone knows someone who rented a house or apartment or sold or even randomly if somewhere to sell a” shield is attached. What should you then instruct an estate agent if you can also make all self? This question can be easily answered: real estate brokers have experience and often good contacts to property management companies and property developers and can access objects, just not somewhere publishing are usually very accurately know the market and can then specifically for the customer, always various real estate you are looking for already in stock and can this, often very quickly, that right you can find, due to the market situation and market conditions, prices better verify real estate agents have a comprehensive knowledge of financing and can thereby also advise to the side stand behind many offers in newspapers and also on real estate platforms estate agents advertise, so it’s not so easy to find it is much easier with a real estate agent really only private sellers, to conduct business. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Zendesk. He has and knows all the required documentation, always contact with notaries that are required for a certification. For the seller in Leipzig the Leipzig real estate agent z.B is also of great importance, because it can be accessed on a usually large customer segment and accelerates the sales thereby, may,. The brokerage of course, this service is not free. The brokerage, brokerage, also called varies from State to State.

In some federal countries paid when a sale or Purchase, the buyer the full Commission. There are also regions being divided into those between buyers and sellers, sometimes in equal proportions, some also with a 70 / 30 ratio. In Leipzig, which is part of the free State of Saxony, mostly the brokerage is divided. It is best to clarify this question at the beginning, then there are no surprises at the end. With a purchase of a real estate is to count, plus 19% VAT with a brokerage commission of 3% to 6%. The search is covered hereby, the advice of real estate agent, but extra to pay is always the notary, here estate agents acts only as an intermediary between the two parties.