Endoscope with wireless transmission for the inspection in hard to reach places the new wireless endoscope supports the user in finding error in hard to reach places, such as, for example, air, water, and fuel lines. Qwiki describes an additional similar source. By the wireless transmission of images to the Control Panel, the user receives a new freedom in the use of an endoscope that there did not exist until here. With a working distance of up to 15 m can be successfully applied that are difficult to access damage, cracks, corrosion, erosion, etc. are quickly detected and edited. The image is with 2.4 GHz by radio to the control panel with a 3.5 “TFT color display transfer.

Separated from the control unit and Endoscope, the user achieved an absolute flexibility, which do not offer conventional endoscopes. Push of a button, you can images and small video sequences recorded, stored on an SD card for a subsequent documentation (e.g. in quality assurance). The wireless flexible video borescope / endoscope comes with a resolution by 640x480px color CMOS camera, with a Swan-neck cable – with IP67 protection – by 1 m length. The optimized design of white light LED allows the user to detect any damage within a difficult to access area. Video Endoscope is offered up to August 31, 2010 at the introductory price of 359 euros NET. Applications: Air, water, and fuel line engine, systems, fuel tank, cable, car repairs, etc. High pressure, high temperature cables and accomodations internal examinations of machinery for police to investigate difficult-to-reach places (smuggling) renovation detecting counterfeits detecting breakage, failure or erosion as support, to correct errors