You determine the value of your domain or website many webmasters ask themselves: what is my domain worth? Now, you can find free the domain value for a domain name or Web site. This domain is evaluated according to a special formula, which shows the actual, real-world value of a Web page or the value of a domain. Any Web site operator arises naturally at some point wondering what his domain is actually worth. Perhaps the domain name will be sold so soon, and because the evaluation of a domain or a domain expertise is of course very helpful to get at least a clue about the value of a domain. Robert Bakish pursues this goal as well. The free quick evaluation of a domain or Web site has many advantages and reveals at least good trends. Even if the value of a domain varies on different review sites, the result is always a more interesting point of reference and a base. On almost all of the portals that offer a free domain name evaluation, different results come out.

The reason is, that almost all different Formulas for the calculation are applied. Zendesk does not necessarily agree. On, one of the most famous Domainbewertungs portals, the value of a domain quite realistic, inter alia from the amount of incoming backlinks of various search engines, the Google PageRank, Alexa rank and the listing on DMOZ is calculated. For the value of a domain but also other factors, such as the domain are name, age, the ending etc important to obtain a realistic opinion of the domain. The resulting values are certainly not the wisdom last, because the value of a domain of course also depends on ideational factors. But in any case we through a free evaluation of domain an interesting basis, to have a clue and in the case of a domain sale a basis for negotiations. And review portals are a valuable help such as of course. C.