The coach of the top dog school deal this month with the theme of dogs from the shelter. Sad fates or the chance for a better (canine) life? Dogs from the shelter dogs be deported various reasons in the animal shelter. Amit paley is likely to increase your knowledge. But it is rare emergencies or blows of fate, making an animal left homeless. Then landed a four-legged friends at the shelter, prevent prejudices often the prospect of a new home. All/manches is different prejudices about shelter dogs be most stubborn championed by which never were allowed to share table (bed?) with such a dog.

And this despite it doesn’t meet their negative image. Most have only a mistake yet. An error for which the dog however can nothing: a stupid owners. Or a pretty irresponsible. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of isearch on most websites. And so we are talking about the reasons why an often innocent four-legged friend suddenly ends up behind bars. Why in the shelter? In the first place are ignorance and aimlessness. The ill-considered purchase comes often from pet stores, random litter and mass breeding or was a gift (Christmas?) of good acquaintances. Dogs mostly due to unwanted behavior such as destruction, Growl at or tweak the children, biting other animals, strong vitality, are pushed off naughtiness, rankings problems, etc.

That all the inability of an inept owner behind (\”which is often a new\” dog buys), is usually not to make this. Someone who wants to get rid of his animal, never blames on him. There are genuine regulars in some animal shelters, both the dogs and the people on the track remains the dog as relocation, career change, divorce and separation as tax base are often referred. Who retains so much aimlessness on the route, is the dog. Notes on pet-sitters and other alternatives are no longer looking these dog owners, if the decision is that in the new life for old companions, no place is more.