Essen fire safety service informs its customers about the modern possibilities of fire protection more than 200,000 fire claims plaguing Germany annually. You cost about 600 lives, injure several thousand more people and cause material damage amounting to more than three billion euros. Due to the dangerous situation that emanates from fire cases, legally obligatory fire protection provisions. Fire regulations, which affect in particular the construction of new buildings apply to private, corporate, and public use areas and buildings. The Essen fire service EBS advises its customers from food and environment at fire damage and protection measures and is professionally in the practical implementation of fire protection solutions. The company looks back on a long and successful history, during which it has accompanied the realization of fire protection measures with different prerequisites.

EBS are fire safety regulations for special constructions and Office building, as well as requirements for power plants, substations or workshops, familiar first-hand. The experienced team of experts of the Essen fire safety service supports its customers in the following areas: advice after a fire the most fires destroy assets such as real estate, furnishings or equipment. To maintain the economic material existence, need to be in this situation to rely on compensation of the insurer. Desired insurance benefits depend on the proper behavior and dealing with the fire event. EBS is fire-stricken customers advise to the side and show them the right way to deal with the adverse situation professionally and competently. Fire protection consultancy services of the Essen fire protection service supports its customers with a general advice in the extensive area of fire protection. This gives them a good overview of its needs and possibilities, as well as the ability to make informed decisions. Fire protection measures to be considered are accompanying fire protection consultancy services in many areas of everyday life.

EBS offers its customers a planning accompanying consulting in the field of fire protection, which ensures that their intentions can be carried out legally and technically accessible. Existing fire protection concepts for fire protection in new buildings and existing real estate for the construction of buildings must be observed as well as for already existing real estate. The Essen fire protection service offers its customers the creation of complete fire protection concepts for the construction of new buildings and the integration in existing buildings. Specialist track management fire protection building permits usually put the naming of a professional construction manager fire ahead, tasked to ensure that all relevant regulations and fire protection concepts are implemented properly in the implementation of the approved construction. Customers of the Essen fire protection service can expert experience in this position by his benefit. Advice for fire alarm systems for detection of smoldering smoldering fires are a serious hazard. The typical incompleteness of combustion processes in a smoldering produces the toxic gas carbon monoxide, which can destroy the oxygenation of human blood and cause fire gas explosion. Modern fire alarm systems are capable of detecting smoldering fires at an early stage. Essen fire service assumes a detailed consultation on the subject of fire alarm systems, to support its customers in the avoidance of eminent smoldering fires. Like the Essen fire service EBS answered more questions about fire safety.