I decided to write an article on this topic, based on an experience I had a few days as a buyer of a business specialized, service related consulting in quality management system. I received the visit of a commercial consultant for a major multinational company and decided to put a little to test the abilities of this person. After 30 minutes of meeting I could detect two interesting elements. I was a person that he possessed very good skills to listen intelligently, but I also realized account which was not so skilled to use the information that I was providing you as a potential customer, nor could establish an effective channel of communication, i.e. we weren’t in tune, so say it. In principle, I felt comfortable to realize I had to front someone who expressed interest in my needs, was not unfortunately speak on their solutions and the benefits of your company, I use some interesting questions to inquire about our situation and showed concentration and interest in the topic of the meeting. After this, the person lost the course of the meeting, gave me a series of information that was not at all connected with the first part of our conversation, is East in a series of points that were not my main concern and I lost as a recipient of your messages.

In this situation specific, my perception is that the person applied a method interesting to understand the situation of business, knew how to investigate and gather the information needed, did correctly, without pressures and very effective, but failed to communicate properly that way could present alternative solutions to the situation that I raised him. This is a situation that occurs with some frequency in consultative selling scenarios and has to do with the establishment of an effective communication. Part of this is know to listen, which constitutes an essential part of the communication, but the other important part is as use the information obtained in this first process, process it and turn it into a useful message to the receiver. Credit: Bobby Sharma Bluestone-2011.