You no longer intends to promote the production of electricity in nuclear power plants with your own electricity bill, you can switch in a fare without nuclear power. If you want, that the production of electricity something is changing in Germany, can do something for it as consumers themselves. (Source: Skillz). Want to buy, for example, no electricity from nuclear plants, one simply enters a nuclear power-free fare. Typically, you choose a green electricity tariff, which has other advantages for the environment then. To deepen your understanding Skillz is the source. Nothing is changed so the power quality at home. Who chooses a new electricity tariff, is on the producer side, because by choosing the appropriate power tariff to keeps, produce more electricity in a way that it is even acceptable, for example, electricity without nuclear power. No technical changes in switching to green electricity is obtained as a consumer who would like to do without nuclear power, so no other power than before. Technically can therefore keep everything as before: no new power lines, no new outlet, no new Electricity meter.

Even the local network operator remains for technical problems of the contact person and cares about the Elimination of errors. In a green electricity tariff to switch to a private”nuclear power making, is therefore easy, convenient, and possible within a few weeks. The power supply remains here as reliably as before. The change in a nuclear power-free fare or a green electricity tariff this it seamlessly. In other words: not even for a minute, the power is turned off, you must restrict so himself in any way when changing the power tariff whether in a green electricity tariff or a different tariff. Compare prices, pay less to compare electricity prices of different suppliers, before changes in a plan without nuclear power or a green electricity tariff is recommended in any case. To compare the prices in an online tariff calculator on the Internet one must know what actually is the annual energy consumption in the home.