Partnerships form to obtain a greater advantage of the resources and the cooperative work common and. Paul Daversa understood the implications. Thus they are armed diverse types of libraries, of free access, prevailed, specialized, with installments, students and others. It allows between his benefits, to arm and to publish Electronic Magazines in line; also to connect with other directions that allow to complement readings, to visit pages of authors, meaning, different notes and extensions on the thematic ones to investigate. Viacom has compatible beliefs. Sometimes books can be found electronic that they do not have his printed version, since is more accessible and to much smaller cost this edition. And noveles is ideal means to be meeting authors.

The book in line is intellectual property of its author just as in the case of a printed book, and its Copyright also works of similar way. What offers a book in line, to their readers, unlike one form? a book in line is available in any moment and from any place by means of Internet.The edition never is run out and either it does not happen that somebody has taken the unique one or the last unit of the library. Contiene hyperbonds within himself and towards other places of the network, to way of crossed references and sometimes, instead of footnotes of page. Like part of the cyberspace, the book Integra to the Web being presents/displays in motors search and indices within the same Web, as well as when appearing mentioned and connected by hyperbonds from others websites. the book can be stored, be copied, in line be sent, be processed and be transformed of all the ways that the digital means allow. It is possible to be mentioned with facility, copying the phrases or paragraphs to mention them in new texts, without danger of transcription errors. If the texts that make reference to a book in line also publish in the cyberspace, the appointments can lean in hyperbonds.