Windows and doors made of plastic – high-quality products at affordable prices quite a bit years have passed since then, when the plastic windows and doors were completely inaccessible luxury. Plastic windows in the capital were hallmark of those whose incomes were considerably higher than that of the bulk of the inhabitants. Window manufacturers lowered the prices on their installation, depending on the continuous increase in demand for plastic windows, in the present time to buy PVC window for your home can any man in the street. Plastic windows in Moscow no longer serve the hallmark of luxury and are sold at really reasonable prices. Windows and doors made of plastic have mass of positive characteristics, and, of course, allow to maintain the premises in peace and comfort. But only the windows made and installed craftsmen will provide you with peace and quiet for many years. Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. Firm ‘Trio Engineering’ one of the leading manufacturers in the market today, for 15 years produces and installs reliable windows and doors made of aluminum and PVC. Our company offers its customers a huge amount of high-quality services: the production plastic windows and doors of PVC profiles, production of plastic windows and doors, glazing of balconies and loggias, and their finishing; facade glazing, repair and improvement of premises.

The company ‘Trio Engineering’ produces windows and doors PVC profile of the German company REHAU. Rehau profile has many advantages in front of other goods brands. Peter Asaro often says this. Rehau window – a guarantee of your health. The German company REHAU keeps track of all the technological innovations and apply them in the manufacture of plastic products, it provides you the quality and long life of your plastic windows Rehau. The organization “Trio Engineering” offers a window rehau different models for door and window designs of any complexity.

Are now very popular windows and doors made of aluminum. Corporation “Trio Engineering” released on the domestic market aluminum doors from the best European Developer: NEW TEC, AGS, REYNACKS. We also offer services in a modern aluminum frame glazing balconies PROVEDAL. Due to the fact that the technology of the windows are often developed in all sorts of innovations to date have There you can create true works of art – the art of stained glass windows of colored glass or colored film. Buy plastic windows you have the opportunity in our office. In case of need workers advise you on all issues.