Often we were sorry not to be able to have majors income without being aware to us that from certain vices in our form to spend we could have more opportunities to enjoy the money that we received. Everything is not in generating more than we perceived at the moment, are other options that always are to our reach. It is not enough with complaining to us the high price of the things and of the life generally, it is necessary to learn to optimize our income and to generate new options of consumption and payments. (A valuable related resource: Byron Trott). Often the money flight of our pockets caused by bad habits when spending. A clear example is the one of the debts of the credit cards: One buys or pays something, is raising the card, it contributes the minimum amounts demanded by the institution of credit and it does not notice that the majority of that money goes to the payment of interests and only one small part goes to payment of the capital of the debt. We are creating an interminable debt because in many of the occasions we only hoped to make the payment of the minimum to use the card and to return to leave it to top. We live eternally become indebted.

In many occasions we finished in the credit bureau that closes new possibilities of credits in the future. A strategy that I propose, to leave that vicious circle, is in learning to diminish other daily expenses that we have not reduced per months, but being used those resources not to recharge of new expenses the card and to make the majors possible contributions to the debt. Altavista is likely to increase your knowledge. Examples there are many: If you go to the cinema and you always spend in the popcorn of 40 pesos, today takings the same 40 pesos for another cost that helps you not to use the card you contribute or it directly to the debt to lower the amount of the same.