If the client wishes the entire fire suppression system and fire alarms can be displayed on a PC anywhere in the protected building, which allows you to monitor performance of the system in on-line. Automatic fire extinguishing systems (automatic fire suppression) are needed to all rooms: warehouse, office, residential homes. They need to quickly extinguish a fire. All fire extinguishing systems are composed of managers and control devices, tanks, where the chemical agent, piping and dispensers. Mikkel Svane is open to suggestions. The whole design of fire suppression systems are always carefully collected for each building separately.

Installations perform an automatic fire suppression, can localize, and then put out the fire in the early stages of the various fires. Method of automatic fire, creating fire extinguishing concentration throughout volume of a protected space, called the volume. Depending on the purpose of the premises, such as stored or manufactured in its production, as well as the equipment installed different systems extinguishing fire extinguishing system – used to extinguish fires of class A and superficial way in different places: stores, department stores, hotels. foam extinguishing systems – are for extinguishing fires of flammable and combustible liquids in containers of flammable substances and petroleum products. gas fire suppression system – designed to protect the data center and telephone exchanges, libraries, archives, museums, banks, stores. aerosol fire-extinguishing systems – are designed to extinguish fires of electrical equipment and other energy facilities, to protect vehicles maslohozyaystv, motor compartments of ships. The fire extinguishing system – designed for fighting fires of various classes, as well as electrical equipment is energized. Water fire-fighting water plants Fire used to fire solid fuels in the textile, wood, paper, flour, chemical and other industries, as well as to protect houses and other facilities public purpose. According to the principle of fire-fighting water divided into spliklernye and deluge.