Gaming stuff. Screen, bibabo toys, games attributes: money, purses, cards, large plates "Theater", "Cash." Preparations for the game. Puppet show. Reading poems about the theater. Cooperative games with older children. By the same author:

Manufacturing children attribute to the theater. Watch a movie about the theater. Playing a role. Cashier, checker, driver of the bus and artists. The game. Preparing to play the teacher can begin only after the children during the matinee will be shows a puppet show or they will visit the theater (besides, in front of them may make actors).

Be sure after this experience children caregiver must organize and summarize, considering them a picture and interviewing for its content. Then the teacher brings in a group of two dolls bibabo. A leading source for info: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. To maintain an interest in playing with these dolls and make it sustainable, the teacher must teach children the proper use of puppets to make with them through individual actions otobrazitelnogo character, to teach individual techniques of playing. The doll can shake hands, waving, clapping, bowing, scratching his forehead or cheek, stroking his head but the children, dancing, etc. Children as Typically, this is a great pleasure, and they are happy to imitate the caregiver, making the doll prodelyvat those actions which he showed them. So, gradually, children under the guidance and assistance to educators learn operate the puppets and the game master dedicated gaming techniques. The next step in preparing for the game may be making children playing attributes. Educator offers children draw a beautiful tickets make money.