To see figure 4 in annex. – Procedural orientation and didactic expectations the Gcompris is objective, has a well persuasive pedagogical conception, each activity has a start, way and end. – Use of models of the real world – the treatment of the real world is present, therefore it reflects in the pupil and it takes off that vision of the unreal world (fancies, witchcrafts and amongst others). – Not violence irritation and the present aggressiveness in the dislxicos can be dealt with some activities of the applicatory Gcompris, in order to evidence the adaptation and the acceptance of its proper errors and in its development as person; – Interface of the Gcompris is full of drawings and intuitiva. A pleasant and attractive environment to the eyes of any child.

– Effect of audio – its sonorous track also does not leave nothing to desire, repleto of calm melodies that will help still more in the development of the dislxicos as desenvolvedora therapeutical tool of proper thinking. – Feedback – We also detach the importance of feedback gifts in the game, therefore through one feedback constructive that the dislxica child will be able to make a reflection regarding the resolution of a problem being associated a word to an image. – Treatment to the educational errors Many softwares does not possess quality in relation to the treatment of errors, some arrive friction the pupil of ' ' burro' ' ' ' preguioso' '. It is the part most delicate of softwares educational, therefore the child who has dislexia already suffers with this preconception. The Gcompris possesss a treatment adjusted for the natural errors of any child, mainly the dislxicas. 4. Consideraes final educational Software is a resource that it demands of the professor, the knowledge of all the procedures for its use, being indispensable to the agreement enters the objective of the planning of the lesson with the same of software.