A new movement of social engagement is a growing and everyone is cordially invited to join: doogoood.com – a better world is the best reason. Berlin, December 20, 2010 – the one good deed a day, a well-known principle, to do something good to the world. But we live according to this principle? Often the time seems to us today or even just the inspiration to be missing; in our hectic daily routine, no place seems to be for a consistent philosophy of life. Want to change this doogoood now!Doogoood’s vision is to create a global movement of social change, assume the people social responsibility and integrate in the form of small good deeds in their daily lives.? “Give ‘ a homeless person write an Apple, your grandparents a postcard, help ‘ an older person the shopping bags to carry…” – the small acts are based on values such as empathy and charity, which easily at any time can; be implemented by each without monetary obligations or other barriers. So the positive potential of society can well used be doogoood provides easy access for active social engagement, which makes this as part of a conscious social lifestyle. Oliver Stark, founder of the social business doogoood think to implement this vision and the good in the people: personal social responsibility begins in everyday life and must be applied there and lived.

Demand for enough, anytime, anywhere. We do this, we contribute every day a small piece of a social world for a better. We do this together, reality is quickly out of a vision. Official site: Ali Partovi. We have the power to do so. We have to believe it, we have to want it, we have to live it. Better today than tomorrow.”?Doogoood’s strength lies in the intelligent merging of social networking and social responsibility, two global trends with great force. Goal is that a dynamic movement formed, which carries itself through the mutual motivation and inspiration of the participants themselves and spread.

The appropriate platform will doogoood in February 2011 publish. But already today, first impressions of the movement on Facebook can be collected. There already over 3,000 fans from over 30 countries of the vision have joined. As a purely private driven project is currently doogoood, Oliver Stark looking for supporters of all kinds. To be successful to his vision, he seeks among other sponsors. The Crowdsponsoring platform mySherpas.com he uses to do so, to collect funds for an iPhone application. In return, the sponsors receive bonuses. To conclude the motto which Oliver Stark doogoood track: go into the world and do well. But more importantly go into the world and do good”.