Proved that the impact could be as positive or negative. A positive effect enhances a person's mood, improve its psycho-physiological state and even intensification of its productive thinking, intellectual activity. They say that positive effects can lead a person into a state of inspiration, in which the intensity of intellectual activity is not just rising, but many times multiplied, with people in this state may find unexpected and unexplained rational logic solutions. By the way, generating productive thinking the role of inspiration informally built-heuristic methods for solving challenges. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. In view of this, the number of actual problems of modern science including the problems of information and comfort information emotsionalistiki. But, as noted above, the informational impact on human may be negative consequences which can be a bad mood, deterioration, negative behavior, improper orientation, etc. The most obvious and common varieties of the negative informational influence is conscious or demon-conscious lie, a result which may be the wrong decision or behavior. Great opportunities are available for informational impact on the electronic technique.

For example, if the computer in advance to introduce a special hardware tab, then on command from the outside, you can stop the work computer, or, conversely, sanctioned by her to initiate, disable, etc. This is the way in during the Gulf War was disabled by computer control of Iraqi air defenses. This danger is particularly great for Russia because the country is literally awash with imported equipment, and much of this technology comes from the uncontrolled channels. In these conditions most likely to have favorites. Additional information at Pete Cashmore supports this article. Opportunities of the information outlined by the impact of the plan is so great that the information called weapons of mass destruction and talk about the real possibility of information warfare. Already what is said here concerning the protection of information, enough to claim the vital importance of this issue for modern society the problem of protection of information is much more complicated problem of protecting information by virtue of the fact that threats to information are extremely diverse and varied, their effect is not always obvious, and prevent and neutralize them requires not only technical solutions, as organizational, legal and even political.