Modern heating systems are an efficient solution for the heat generation and the use of heat from oil. Modern heating systems are characterised in particular by the higher energy efficiency. Usually less fuel is required to produce the same amount of heat. So not only cost can be saved by modern heating systems, but also a valuable contribution to environmental protection is provided. It plays an important role, especially when the fossil fuels is as well as the renewable resources in wood of importance. Also here a modernisation of the heating system not only saves costs, but the measure also contributes to environmental protection. An efficient solution for the heat generation and the use of heat from oil are heated with oil of modern heating systems.

Traditional boilers can be replaced with modern condensing boiler technology. Due to the special construction principle, the modern heating systems can achieve a high efficiency and so energy-saving work. The condensing technology can Consumption of oil by up to 30 percent or more lower. That is, inter alia, that the condensing boilers use not only the heat resulting from the combustion of oil, but also the condensation heat that is bound in the water vapor. The condensation heat escapes unused conventional heating systems. The water vapour is used by modern heating systems and therefore the heat created by him.

In addition, many modern heating systems can be combined with renewable energy or enriched with organic oil. So, an eco-friendly heating can be implemented. Gas also in gas heating, the condensing units use not only the heat that is produced during the combustion of gas heating. Here, too, the condensation heat is used, which is produced during the combustion process. So, modern heating systems can achieve an efficiency which is almost 100 percent. Here, too, the consumption can be reduced by 30 percent or more. Modern heating systems are more expensive compared to conventional heating systems. But they are already paying off already after a short time due to the energy savings. Heating oil also here make modern heating systems paid off. Here, the boiler, the heating pump or thermostat valves also is exchanged in the context of modernization. In addition to a hydraulic adjustment costs are saved. Modern heating systems use a buffer memory. This preserved the energy always as long as it is needed. In addition, old wood boiler, which exceed the limits must be replaced with modern heating systems. The reason lies in the new requirements on the efficiency and emissions, which since March 2010.