Currently the technology permeates almost all parts of our lives, from buying food, through visits to the doctor and to the same salon of beauty or restaurants they rely on technology. Everywhere there is a software or computer program that helps the owners of such establishments carry their business management more professional, safe and controlled manner. The MSMEs garages should be no exception. According to polls of Box systems applied in 2009 to owners of mechanical workshops about their habits in terms of technology, the 38.6% of respondents answered if you use some type of control system in your company currently already be manual or on a PC, while 49.2% do not use any control. Of those who answered that if they use any means of control in their garages they mentioned the following as the most common: Excel sheets, book, records, invoices, orders of service, records, i.e., most do it all way Manual. The reality is that this important sector of the automotive industry lies unattended technologically.

Need a software for automotive garages accessible needs and pockets of mechanical workshops micro, small and medium size (MSMEs). The current problems of your garage. There are two types of problems in mechanical workshops. Commons as for example: Control of vehicles admitted to the workshop, Control of parts of the workshop, sale of spare parts, inventory, invoicing, repairs Control (service orders) other Lo previous produces serious problems as: delay in deliveries of the vehicular services. Run out of spare parts necessary for the day-to-day operation of the workshop. Robbery Ant of spare parts and tools.

Claims unjustified on the part of customers. And the specific problems or information, what are my costs? What are my utilities? Why do? concept won more by sale of spare parts or service vehicle? When do I have to send to order more replacement parts again? Who are my employees? Do many monthly customers attend? The above produces more serious problems such as: do not know what is the most profitable area of your workshop. Not knowing how much you have invested. The owner can not take off of his workshop. Mistrust in employees and customers. Unable to have more workshops. Customers perceive a disservice. Others. The working tool for your workshop. As well as other industry sectors benefit from technology through software automotive garages also should use the same power to enter to compete professionally. With a software to control your garage you can begin to give order to chaos. Finally you can you have statistics and know where win and which lose in your business. You can also make important decisions how to know who are your clients more income you generate for treating them very well, or when requesting additional parts that don’t miss inventories of elementary parts for your operation. The purpose is that you get all the information needed to make safer decisions for your business. The most common is that you want to make your shop grow, open auto parts or put a second workshop, to which you also need support in the software that you’ve chosen to help you take that big step.