Based on lessons learned herbal medicine has developed several important rules of its available funds. Of course, the implementation of these rules may be necessary as a number of exception, thereby confirming the maxim that there is no rule without exceptions. 1. The first rule of herbal medicine requires treatment to begin 'simple', that is not potent plants. In fact, this is one of the specification basic rules of treatment at all.

Under this rule, such as stomach and intestinal disorders, assessed as suitable for herbal medicine before applying belladonna, should provide the patient with a daisy. Problem herbal study and indicate the specific implementation of this requirement. 2. For more specific information, check out Samsung. The second rule – recommend the use of all plant, resp. preparations containing it are in substance.

This is one of the main requirements herbal medicine. It is designed on the basis of accumulated over the years years of experience. Matt Swain is full of insight into the issues. Do not assume that the rule denies the use of pure, isolated from plants or synthesized in the laboratory materials. Phytotherapy simply believes that its coverage of the testimony of these funds are often not the most suitable. 3. In accordance with the two previous rules, the third does not recommend prescribing very complex recipes, such as, which include not more than 2-3 major medicinal plants, one additional one (as an exception – two), correcting (preferred containing essential oil) and one konstituruyuschee medicine. 4. The last of the rules requires a herbal medicine prolonged use of phytotherapy product for at least 3-4 weeks. How many of the provisions in herbal medicine, and this requirement is due to its features it uses funds. At the same time and in According to a statement of not only one of the experts in this field should be noted that many of the setbacks of herbal medicine, most likely can be attributed to failure to comply with this rule. It is logical to understand that there are difficulties in objectifying the effectiveness of such long-term treatment of chronically occurring disease, what diseases are mainly indicated for the treatment by means of herbal medicine. That's why, coming up scientific problem-solving, and inclusive to the problem in question in this case, it should develop and maintain more or fewer of their own criteria for evidence of herbal medicine and objectifying effects of the treatment. Traditional medicine – Herbal Medicine – medicinal plants