Taster day EQ dynamics, staff developer with TetrMap learn an instrument, to better appreciate people and teams. People have different thinking styles and behavioural preferences. Also their value systems diverge. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Zendesk. It is accordingly difficult in everyday work often, to put together working teams; Also other people, be this employees, colleagues or customers, so to speak, that they show the desired behavior. Analysis tools that help assess people and their behaviour, and to respond appropriately to them are accordingly required.

Such a tool named TetrMap introduces the training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international interested coaches, consultants, and staff developers on 4 November in Munich in a seminar. They meet this analysis instrument developed in New Zealand during the one-day event and learn how you can take advantage of this in their work. The analysis tool TetrMap has, according to Sabine Gruner, one of the three Managing Director of EQ dynamics, compared to similar instruments several advantages. It comes out for example with relatively little material and can be used in a wide range of entrepreneurial contexts”. So, many companies worldwide use TetrMap among others in the framework of leadership training and sales training. In addition, the tool in the context of team development activities, as well as in assembling project teams and design phases of the project be used. The participation fee the taster day TetrMap by nature efficiency and sustainability learning”is 80 euros. For more information get interested trainers, consultants, and staff developer Sabine gruner EQ dynamics, Munich (Tel.: 089 / 461-375-12;) E-Mail:).