The question is relevant to the choice of university graduates each. Then, what college you choose will affect your future career. So to start think about the desired profession. Council can help parents, relatives, or psychologist in the school. Try to pass the test for career guidance, now there are quite a lot. When you choose should take into account not only your mental abilities and achievements in education, skills and abilities, tastes and preferences, but also – importantly – budget to education.

Once decided on a specialty, proceed to the choice of university. The choice of university – is not easy. Credit: isearch-2011. To date, Higher education of Ukraine has 881 unit, 240 of them – III-IV accreditation levels of all forms of ownership. On Universities of Kiev from the total amount accounted for more than 80 institutes, universities and academies. So what are the criteria taken into consideration when choosing the university, not to be lost in a sea of offerings? First question: the state or private university you prefer? Of course, in this case paramount, and often fatal role played by the budget. Note that in state universities is not only free, but paid the group. Many universities have in addition to daily groups still evening and correspondence.

There is worded opinion that public universities deserve more trust than private, but it is nothing more than misleading because of the abundance of universities in Ukraine are very good private universities that have had time to prove and prove himself. Before you give your preference for a private university, make sure its accredited training program and are of the license for that profession you have chosen. This would mean that the university recognized by the state and have no problems at school and getting a diploma. Neil cole iconix oftentimes addresses this issue. After verification of high school, count the cost, which will be used for training, and find out how much it will last. All state universities are able to provide student loans for education. So it really is and whether your chosen university, in practice, to give you credit, we advise to know in advance. Most the main criterion when choosing a university – the quality of educational services. To find out about it, try to collect on the university as much information as: its reputation, teaching staff, the possibility of further employment, material and technical basis. Learn all of this is easy – many universities have sites, forums or friend can be found among graduates. Be sure to visit the open house. If you are nonresident – Find out if there is at university dormitory, which the living conditions there. Acting on an evening or part-time office, make sure you have a good library even better – for Internet access. For young people it is important to the military presence department and the opportunity there to do. The choice of university is certainly a very serious step. But we must not forget that not only on graduation will depend on your continued success.