This morning, lifting me, settled in my thought, a succession of intermittent images, like the lights that adorn the trees of Christmas, where people of different races, that as they arose, were forming a multicolored mosaic, in which you could appreciate the multiple expressive facets that we, humans, have been able to grow to the length and breadth of the planet we inhabit appeared, since long before the story begins to register and then try to sort and compile, different versions, which have wanted us to transmit, as a precious legacy of the gods, to our desire to know and understand, the unknowns about our origins and raison d ‘ etre, and the why, our presence in a Habitat shared with an infinite number of species to which we consider lower, and therefore, subject to our discretion and willingness. If we wanted to find a common denominator for the entire range of sensations that germinate in our ancestral Garden, everything seems to indicate that the seeds which have given rise to our species, they have come from nurseries located on the outside of this planet, what turns us into something like aliens, we feel in our jurisdiction intimate, self-containment, birthweight, somewhere far away, where we were much better than they can achieve being in this world, that looked at that way, it looks more to a testing site, where we have to live the law of obedience and sacrifice, and hope for divine intervention to cleanse us of original sin, consequence of the inherited disobedience of our first parents. These images, to which I refer, are a representation of a collective self, or better said, an I and a your collective, because it is unacceptable to conceive myself in without the other, or each other, others tu, which together with me, conjugated the verb that give meaning to the human from the beginning.