Balesio FILEminimizer server takes a novel approach to save storage space and storage in companies: file optimization. Steinhausen, January 12, 2010: Hyundai Motor of Germany, the importer for the Korean brand vehicles relies on the FILEminimizer technology of balesio AG and implements the new server storage solution FILEminimizer server. Thanks to optimisation of file Hyundai saves now valuable storage space and storage. Balesio FILEminimizer server takes a novel approach to save storage space and storage in companies: file optimization. This Office and image files will be checked, whether they are stored in optimal form on the server. This is often not the case and just Office and image files consume unnecessarily much disk space on servers. Optimization using FILEminimizer technology used on file-level and individual file optimized.

Both the quality as the file format remain unchanged, only the file size is reduced depending on the file using FILEminimizer technology to up to 98%, E.g. a 100 MB up to 2 MB PowerPoint file can shrink. Often through file optimization “space reductions on servers of global over 70 percent accessed, so that companies can gain back enormous storage space and can reduce ongoing costs for storage. File optimization is a novel and highly effective approach to reduce space and storage”, explains Karl Betz, lead product manager of balesio AG, In contrast to virtualization and Deduplication valuable disk space can be recovered with file optimization without new investments in hardware and without interference in existing IT environments immediately, immediately and inexpensively.” At Hyundai, which now becomes reality. Under the responsible IT administrator Mr Messner, FILEminimizer server directly on the server Office and image files will optimize with the optimization can be also time-controlled by the Scheduler.

Through multi processors optimization and the intelligent multi-layer security concept is a liquid and quickly optimize of large file volume guarantees. Besides the reduction in space, further positive effects set at Hyundai. So, backup processes are accelerated backup window bigger and massively relieves bandwidth and network through the smaller files. More information about the use of FILEminimizer technology and its applications, case studies, white papers and free trial versions of the software, see fileminimizerserver about balesio AG: the balesio AG is a leading Swiss software company of standard software and solutions. balesio offers as a manufacturer of business solutions in the areas of server – data compression and storage optimization with FILEminimizer and FILEminimizer server applications. Balesio software was already sold in over 130 different countries and is today successfully used by SMEs, universities, public organizations, authorities and a large majority of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide.