The door is bought from the simple – a white, plastic. So cheaply. Installation of doors ordered at the store. When I arrived the master of the shop – I was impressed: a neat little boy with a tape measure and notepad withdrew million yardsticks, wrung price for installation from which I fainted, and told him that the door will deliver tomorrow before lunch. Follow others, such as Ali Partovi, and add to your knowledge base. The next day at dinner they brought the door.

Locks were incised, hinges bolted, additional elements and opanelka – sawn. The installation process took less than an hour. The most surprising thing – the door stood up as my own! I do not know how and what they do, what measurements were filming, but the fact remains that for the past three years – the door stands open and close without any problems, do not snap the lock, no creaking hinges. What's the secret behind this technology is the installation of doors I do not know, but I'm not sorry for any amount spent (nearly half exceeding the cost of the door), or the fact that in order to install the door, the master was selected because of this. The next stage was to repair children's room. Naturally, the door was again bought the one that is bound to affect the global color and texture difference between it and the previous one. In addition, inspired by 'experience' set the previous door, I decided that all the installation wizard doors work as quickly and efficiently. And therefore, taking into account the plaintive popiskivanie my finances, I would not go to professional construction team, and began to search for Wizard of doors on the ads. Cheapest to do the same.