The "system" reached such power, infighting and corruption at the end of the sixties it was thought, without bringing it to dig, divide it constitute two separate parties of the center, left and right. Consequently, the "system" began to deteriorate in the late seventies, to the extent that at the end of the eighties and their fractures were unconcealed (from the fracture of the "system" groups to stay in the picture parties and get their benefit growing political and economic rights), which twenty years later, after successive crises and berms to presidential power, resulted in a center-right opposition, traditionally weak, apparently came to power. The National Action Party, the traditional opposition party which, at the last minute, had stayed representative figures of economic power, won the election with a simple promise of "change" without a real proposal power structure, to take the place of the traditional "system" broken and weakened it intended to replace, thus benefiting from the simulacrum of "democratic" institutions visible, recognizable and real unchecked, the representative citizen. Source: The political failure was not delayed, despite the still charismatic presidency, since not only the institutions were not prepared to be the real seat of power, but the governments of the States, where control of the "system" It is largely territorially survived in the hands of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (in a minority of the Democratic Revolution Party, the main division and the National Action Party), it is largely in an unstable real power of the nation. Today Mexico State survives as one of the worst-case scenarios, because his government has no capacity to exercise, its democratic institutions were designed as berms of power, not as advocates and builders of a Project Office and the de facto powers, just what are, as last temporary alliances for specific purposes, we can hardly think that contemplate something more than power for power and perhaps the worst and most frequent cases in power, by and for the enrichment predatory. * The traditional Mexican, which means leaving a bad thing to fall into something worse..