See the world in the field of insurance companies are generated each time new entities, plans and services that seek to position in the insurance market, trying to earn a place in the ranking of the best companies providing such service, therefore such new products or services have to be accommodating to the conditions of living in the reality of today’s world, therefore these entities would be that the process of technological progress have led to development of own resources in the world today, so how insurance companies have begun to innovate in the services provided through the media or direct channels that technology has made available to all people, often avoiding having to go out and lose long periods of time in lines or other matters such direct service channels is what is known as on-line banking where you can have facilities like the Internet and telephone media, so an insurance company that goes in the pattern of this type of service is genesis company insurance, which is one of the leading companies in the marketing of insurance products and services through means of direct banking or online banking.

Genesis Insurance Company is specialized in regard to auto insurance, housing and motorcycles, plus the genesis insurance company has the backing of belonging to the group , which is one of the assurance services group with more presence in Spanish territory, in addition to this, a process accompanied with success and rapid development organization supported by the base or stem which is Liberty Mutual Group, which is typical of the United States of America, based in Boston, which is one of the best in the American market. Genesis safe from initial presence in Spain in 1988, has always commanded the stop on the model of direct care or home banking, insurance genesis currently has about 600,000 customers, who have opted for services provided by the company to ensure the cars, homes and jet ownership.

Among the aspects that make insurance genesis prominence in the insurance field through direct channels, is that it has excellent training and provision of more than 500 employees have available to clients to respond immediately to customer seeks advice or services through direct channels, in this case would be the phone itself, in addition to this plan for customers, genesis insurance policies have a very good quality, which leads to prices that are easily, since they can offer savings up to 40% and the trend is toward highly for the bonus, which can reach up to 65% in addition to managing unwanted events are of an early response, which makes customers maintain their appreciation for the company… Continue to learn more with: koch brothers.