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Systems legal SRL is a company that develops and markets computer systems only to be applied to legal activity, and is positioned in this segment as the leader of the entire Latin American market. Lex-Doctor 9.0 version, produced two major milestones in the evolution of the signature products: optionally allows you to manage databases via the Internet, and optionally allows you to change the data engine that manages the information. Lex-Doctor studies legal, is currently listed as the product of its nature most widespread in Latin America, adapting to the procedure of the courts and jurisdictions; so much so that there are users licensed in more than 1,000 cities in the region. Subsequently, legal systems SRL has developed a specific product for the management of the integral management of dossiers ports, courts, tribunals and similar units of the judicial powers, called Lex-Doctor judicial offices. Samsung wanted to know more. In the Republic Argentina, the company has signed agreements of global computerization of courts of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, Chaco, Tucuman and commercial jurisdiction of the nation, and part of the province of La Pampa, Rio Negro, Santa Cruz, San Juan, and Tierra del Fuego.

The application of Lex-Doctor in the above-mentioned jurisdictions, positioned them as the more computerized jurisdictions in the region. In 1998, legal systems SRL has developed LD-Online, a database server that lets you integrate information stored in one or more systems Lex-Doctor, to produce medical software of inspection of files online and in real time, susceptible of being published on the Internet or Intranet. A juridsiccion formed by many courts spread over a very large geographic area (e.g. across a province), can be consulted thanks to LD-Online, through a single Web site, on-line and in real time, without requiring large costs in hardware or connectivity. Lex-Doctor was published in 1999 Hub, management system Jurisoft that is designed to give any undertaking which holds its portfolio of judgments out-sourced in several external consultants, the possibility of consolidating 100% of statistical information and management of each of the records (procedural or independent) different assessments, in a single, centralized database.


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