(Online article) – the new fantasy novel by Aileen P. Roberts has been released! It continues exciting! Will succeed in Ceara and their friends, to find the seven magical runes, which should return the scepter of the Dragon for good? Escape from Adamaths captivity do Ceara and Daron? The mysterious fairies from the wandering Island play an important role and also the mighty fortress by Druidor is in danger… Dionarah – the secret of the Celtic band II sounds that not somehow mystical, exciting and extraordinary? In fact. After Dionarah the secret of the Celtic band I has been published the new fantasy novel by Aileen P. Roberts and will delight certainly more readers. Still, Ceara is located, the young world Wanderer from Ireland, in Adamaths violence, fights while Daron in the catacombs of the castle of Huellyn to his life. Krethmor rally more demon rider and shadow wolves to and even above the mighty fortress Druidor considered impregnable, dark clouds are gathering. Still missing some of the mysterious Runes and Norn, the ancient guardian of the forest, waiting in the densely wooded of Fearann on the companions. Will he finally ask Darons life? Myrthan and his friends have even a chance to pass final blow against Krethmors? And what is the role of the mysterious fairies on the wandering island? The picture for Dionarah and the world wanderer is bleak. More information, excerpts, and so on there are on the website 388 pages, 13.50 euro ISBN 978-3-9810966-5-1