Get your sting and blackout Scorpions on the 13.11.2010 in the LANXESS arena even if you wanted to, you could it not discuss away. The Scorpions are one of the most successful rock bands around the world for decades. Neil cole does not necessarily agree. Already in autumn last year the band has announced a mammoth tour across five continents, which is supposed to last for at least two years. End of January, then came the blast: stop the Scorpions! With the get your sting and blackout farewell tour 2010 / 2011 one of the bands which was paving the way for many in the rock business, her career ended. On November 13, 2010, the rock band in the LANXESS arena will greet their fans.

\”As in the past few months, we have worked on our new album, we felt how powerfully creative work done went and how much fun made it to us\”, says my singer Klaus. And at some point\”, so guitarist Matthias JABs, then came the idea to end the career of this extraordinary album.\” Sting in the tail will be released on March 19, 2010, and is perhaps the most characteristic of the Scorpions album become. Perhaps the most beautiful. Definitely the most authentic. Rock has grown up, seriously to taking.

The people, the fans are crucial for the functioning of this construct. Without boundaries of class, gender or age. Exactly this authenticity of the base is reflected in the songs of sting in the tail. It’s been 40 years that the formation of the Scorpions was founded. \”Their objectives were clear, but almost apocalyptic: first, we limit ourselves to English lyrics, because we will include the world second sometime the best rock bands.\” The rest is music history! Meanwhile, the Scorpions have sold more than 100 million recordings and there is not much notable prizes, which the band has not yet awarded.