Matthias Merz photography: photographer Nuremberg the photographer in Nuremberg for event photos, sports photos, as well as portrait photos and wedding photos. For your event or sports event, or as a wedding photographer I will offer my services to not only in Nuremberg and surroundings. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bobby Sharma Bluestone by clicking through. For commercial photography or fashion photos and lifestyle photos I’m gladly available. Credit: Bobby Sharma Bluestone-2011. Since 2008 as a freelance photojournalist and sports photographer, as well as portrait and wedding photographer, I also regularly published in various magazines and trade ZeitSchriften regional and uberregionalen newspapers. Schwerpunktmassig, I have worked in the fields of football, basketball and ice hockey, etc., as well as in professionellen reportage photography. But other events, such as concerts, trade fairs and public veranStaltungen are part of my everyday task pane.

Due to my diverse experience in these activities gesammelten I am also working as portrait and wedding photographer. Due to the good resonance and thus zusammenhangenden gestiegenen demand, I offer my services in this area now also beyond the Nuremberg, Bavaria – and sometimes even nationwide. Before my independence I worked as an Assistant to the renowned concert and portrait photographer Guido Karp (Los Angeles), whose clients include renowned personalities such as Robbie Williams or Phil Collins. During this time I gained unique knowledge in the field of reportage and person photography me. I now employ these skills to get the best possible images out of your event!