If you already stuttered during interviews, had the sensation to be in a dead-end or until if she denied to answer questions of journalists really necessary to be trained for the contact with the press. It does not advance to postpone, to deny or to leave for second plain: the necessity of the practical one exists and who does not train does not learn. To speak with the press requires the same dynamics of any another challenge: to know as it must function the relationship and learn if relate. In all relation particularitities exist that, if made familiar, easily are won. Thus speaking on the subject until it seems that to give an interview for the press it is thing of the other world. It is certain that some say to have traumas of the experience, but also exists much fancy. The idea of that the journalist goes to prepare its end from a colloquy is pure craze of persecution. Who must, can until fearing, but the contact would not have to be hidden and to prevent.

What all spokesman has that to understand is that necessary of the press. For a reason or another one, the politician, executive, who silences, assents and the public goes to make the judgment that to want of what it happened. Therefore, he does not have exit: the press is optimum way to divulge themselves, to appear, if to show. The communication leads to the exposition, to the visibility. to obtain customers, voters and fans, the best alternative is to ahead have adequate position of the camera and the microphone. One of the aspects of the training of media, known as it measured training, is to train the spokesman to have success in the task. To start to understand the process, it confers the tips below. More information is housed here: neil cole candies foundation. If the theoretical orientaes not> they will be enough, optimum is to practise, to simulate the interviews to acquire security and to transmit credibility.