Established in 1948, Israel, the only predominantly Jewish State, is located in Western Asia.It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the West, the Lebanon to the North, Syria to the Northeast, Jordan and the West Bank, to the East, and Egypt and the Gaza Strip to the Southwest. Despite its small size and its designation as a Jewish State, Israel offers a variety of natural landscapes.In addition, Israel has a significant number of Muslims and Christians, as well as ancient biblical sites as the tomb of King David and the sea of Galilee. Excellent medical standards and facilities owned by Israel, and its impressive ratio of doctors and specialists from the population, have become it a popular destination for medical tourism.In addition, the country welcomes many international medical conferences and participates in joint ventures with major Western hospitals. Medical tourism patients, generally come to Israel by not very common procedures. Here, Samsung expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Israeli hospitals have high rates of success with in vitro fertilization and the cost is substantially cheaper in comparison with the United States.UU. Other popular procedures include transplants of bone marrow, cardiac surgery, hemodynamics, oncological and neurological treatments, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, weight loss surgery, treatments for cancer, eye surgery, and treatment for addicts. Some of the most prestigious hospitals in Israel are in Kfar-Saba (just north of Tel Aviv), Beer Sheva (located in the South), and Afula (located in the North). There are also other centers of medical tourism of quality and private hospitals in the capital city of Jerusalem.. In a question-answer forum Energy Capital Partners was the first to reply.